QUICKPACS Launches Latest Updates of Cloud-Based PACS Solutions

Newly released versions of PACS systems give medical and veterinary clinics a range of additional features, publishes quickpacs.com

Technological advancements have given rise to a number of opportunities in the medical industry, particularly over the last two decades. Many of these are welcome changes to professionals in the field facing growing pressure to cut costs while improving the quality of patient care. Authorities are currently pointing to PACS systems as a key tool in this regard. This comes as no surprise to Rob Scribner of QUICKPACS who recently launched the company's latest versions of its cloud-based PACS solutions.

Scribner elaborated, "PACS technology revolutionized the medical imaging industry. Since its introduction, it has undergone a number of improvements and been infused with a range of new features to become what it is today. Though the cost-effectiveness generated by eliminating the need for CD's and additional storage are enough to convince medical and veterinary clinics to take advantage of this type of service, the newly released versions of our cloud-based image archival and storage solutions offer features users won't find with other options."

According to information found at www.quickpacs.com, QUICKPACS solutions allow clinicians and radiologists to access stored images either on-site or remotely from a range of devices. The company's systems automatically upload images to the cloud while offering seven years of storage and archival. Users may choose to add one or more log-in credentials with stringent file sharing security standards in place for additional protection.

Clients are given their choice of standalone services or those used in conjunction with an RIS system. An incorporated database allows physicians to search stored information based on a variety of parameters as well as perform side-by-side comparisons of old and new images. Redundancy, backup and recovery features are likewise in place with the company's PACS solutions.

Concluded Scribner, "We're proud to help give medical and veterinary clinics freedom from the worries of hard drive crashes, power outages, security breaches and all the loss potentially coming along with those issues. Our systems don't require carefully maintained environmental conditions, additional personnel or extra energy to operate. We offer professionals an efficient, secure and inexpensive alternative for storing, analyzing and sharing medical information."

Those interested in learning more about QUICKPACS solutions or requesting a demo may visit https://www.quickpacs.com.


QUICKPACS is a cloud-based PACS solution for medical and veterinary clinics demanding an easy and secure method to upload, store, view, share and manage exams and images in the cloud. With QUICKPACS online medical storage, users can access images from anywhere online via PC's or mobile devices.

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