Queniya Lassiter Set To Conquer New Territories With The Mega Shape Skin Care Line

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Passionate female serial entrepreneur, Queniya Lassiter, announces the launch of a new cosmetics line, Mega Shape Skin Care, as she continues to take on new challenges across different industries.

Queniya Lassiter has proven to be a jack of all trades and master of all, having her hands in different industries and achieving relative success in each of them. In a related development, the multi-talented businesswoman recently launched Mega Shape Skin Care line, a cosmetics brand focused on helping women of all shapes enhance their bodies using natural creams and gels.

The global business environment has continued to evolve over the years, thanks to the emergence of entrepreneurs and brands delivering solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers. While the environment has continued to grow, the place of women in the business world remains undermined, despite their seemingly immense contribution to the success of businesses across different industries. However, one name, Queniya Lassiter, has mastered the art of pushing the boundaries and succeeding across different fronts, irrespective of the challenges she faces.

“Growing up in a single parent home, I had challenges with my mom and I had no one to help me, guide me or fall back on. My family was and still is very distant from each other and I felt as if I wasn’t a favorite. I’ve did everything on my own with the loving support of my husband, Larry. Even when I got married, I got married alone with only my husbands family. Even though I sent out invitations, offered to pay for travel expenses – no one from my family came, not even my mom. I remember my family telling my mother that I would grow up to be a crackhead because I was a very outspoken child who didn’t want to follow the same footsteps as others. Look at me now, making 6 figures plus and working on my 3rd business,” said Queniya Lassiter.

Popularly called Queen Niya due to her leadership & drive, creativity and versatility, Queniya Lassiter has shown her desire to succeed, irrespective of the industry and barriers to success. As a business coach, she currently owns and runs JL Consulting Group, where she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with other business owners, especially female entrepreneurs. The company is an Human Resources and Business Consulting firm offering a wide range of solutions to businesses.

Queniya Lassiter also owns an online women’s boutique called Her Glam Locker, where she brings forth her creativity as a fashion thinker, delivering fashionable and cost-friendly clothes to women of all ages and sizes.

The feat achieved by Queniya Lassiter as a creator and businesswoman is particularly laudable, considering her growing up and having to spur herself to success, coming from a small family that did not believe in her. Raised by a single mom and taking care of her 2 younger sisters from the age of 19, Queniya Lassiter has shown the world, especially black women, that everything and anything is possible with the right mindset.

For more information about Queniya Lassiter and the solutions offered through JL Consulting Group, visit - www.jlconsultinggroup.net.

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