Quan Jewelry Releases New Space-Themed Collection To Celebrate First Woman on the Moon

To celebrate NASA's Artemis program and promote gender equality and women empowerment, Quan Jewelry has released a new space-themed jewelry collection that features necklaces with astronauts, telescopes, stars and other items that represent different aspects of space exploration and travel.

Artemis, the latest crewed moon landing program from NASA, aims to land the first woman on the moon. Throughout NASA's Apollo program, all had one thing in common: they were all men in their 30s.

The space program is one to be remembered as it will include nine women: Anne McClain, Christina Hammock Koch, Kate Rubins, Jessica Meir, Stephanie Wilson, Nicole Mann, Jasmin Moghbeli, Kayla Barron and Jessica Watkins . As more women become astronauts, there will be more women taking part in missions like the Artemis lunar landings. 

In line with that, Quan Jewelry introduces the launching of their Artemis Collection. Quan Jewelry wanted to create a collection that would pay tribute to all the women who have been involved in the space program.

To create this collection, Quan Jewelry searched for the most popular space-themed items and brought them all together in one place. They also made sure to include a variety of items so that everyone could find something they would love. From astronauts to flying saucers, telescopes to stars, planets and beyond, this collection has it all. 

The astronaut necklace is a must-have item for any space lover. It is a perfect representation of humans in space and pays tribute to all the astronauts who have dedicated their lives to space exploration.

Another masterpiece in the Artemis Collection is the star necklace. Stars are one of the most popular elements of space. They are often used as symbols of hope and inspiration, which makes them perfect for this collection.

The company is passionate about space exploration and the incredible feats that astronauts accomplish. From walking on the moon to the creation of new stations in space, Quan Jewelry believes that “there’s nothing more beautiful than pushing the boundaries of science and technology.” Given that each piece of Jewelry is inspired by a different moment in space history, it is clear that Quan Jewelry passion for this subject runs deep.

For more information on the Artemis Collection by Quan Jewelry , please visit  https://quanjewelry.com/collections/artemis-collection.

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