QSR Automations enhances the dining experience in Walk On’s Restaurants, helps boost unit sales to 120

Walk-On's Bistreaux and Bar recently partnered with restaurant technology provider QSR Automations to automate its kitchens and slash ticket times.

Walk-Ons, a Louisiana-based sports bar chain that opened in 2003, has been able to sell 120 stores, a milestone in which QSR’s kitchen display system, ConnectSmart Kitchen, has played a key role.

Walk-On's began with a clear vision: to provide a high-quality dining experience for their customers. As the business grew, they struggled to match demand using traditional methods of managing orders and ticketing in the kitchen.

"When I first started, we were running 18-25 minute average ticket times", says Mike Turner, the Vice President of Culinary. "There is just no way we could’ve sold 120 restaurants if we were still doing paper checks. We’d maybe have 6-8 restaurants, running around trying to figure out what to do to get our food quality better."

The Walk-On’s Case Study details the successes they’ve experienced with ConnectSmart Kitchen.

ConnectSmart Kitchen has become a staple in many kitchens worldwide, primarily due to its ability to integrate with many different point-of-sale providers. These integrations allow restaurants to switch their point-of-sale without losing the advanced features that QSR’s KDS provides. Of these features, Walk-Ons benefited most immensely from its robust data capabilities.

“I’m a data guy, says Turner. “I want to know what’s going on so I can analyze potential problems and chokepoints.”

By identifying bottlenecks, management can pinpoint the stations in a kitchen that need the most help during peak hours, helping to inform staffing needs and resources based on real activity.

For example, if a restaurant observes that tickets continually run behind on weekend rush hours, and they’re getting hung up at a particular station, the operator has the insight to hire additional staff or refine the processes in which the station operates. This feature is especially crucial for restaurants that have larger kitchens and several stations.

“With CSK, it’s really easy for me to see which stations are impacted by restaurant activity, so I can adjust if I need to,” says Turner.

All of this lends itself to a better experience for all parties. Customers receive their food quicker and fresher, while the restaurants can seat more guest and turn more tables, helping to improve the bottom line. Seasoned by over 20 years in the restaurant industry, QSR has partnered with some of the biggest names in the foodservice sector. With these partnerships comes feedback from restaurant operators, an invaluable resource which guides every QSR product’s direction.

The investment has more than paid off for Walk-Ons. The company has now expanded to 5 states and was named the Number One Sports Bar in the United States by ESPN.

“I’d hate to see where we’d be without CSK,” says Keegan Lanier, Director of Operations. "Life would be drastically different.”

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