QRTIGER officially reveals social media QR code feature to help brands grow their online presence

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QRTIGER officially reveals social media QR code feature to help brands grow their online presence

QRTiger, the most advanced free QR code generator online, officially revealed its new QR code feature: the social media QR code. The new QR code feature is unique on its own as it will allow brands and marketers to house different social media profiles and business pages in e-commerce and delivery apps in a mobile-optimized landing page.

Social media QR code is easy to customize by simply adding color, eyes, patterns, and logo consistent with the brand identity. When people scan it, it redirects them to a landing page that lists all the brand’s social media accounts, making it easier to view and follow the brand.

“The pandemic has accelerated the increased usage of social media, and brands have to boost their online presence to these social networking sites and e-commerce sites. QRTiger develops social media QR code not just to help businesses of all sizes get more audience and customers but also to let brands connect with them in a personal yet tech-savvy way,” says Benjamin Claeys, the CEO of QRTiger.

QRTiger envisions making social media QR code a tool to drive traffic and sales. Businesses can add more than 25 social media platforms to their QR code to improve their online brand exposure. Some of these are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Quora, Twitch, and many more.

The QR code feature allows users to add their profiles on e-commerce platforms such as Etsy or Shopify and food delivery apps like Glovo, Postmates, or FoodPanda to prompt customers to visit and order to their online stores and restaurants.

Businesses can maximize their uses by printing the QR code in their printed or digital marketing collaterals. Moreover, the social media QR code has a tracking system where brands can get insights into the QR code scans.

Use cases of social media QR code

Retail’s storefront
According to the QR code experts in QRTiger, retail stores can reach more customers and get more orders online by placing their social media QR codes on high visibility areas like store windows.

QRTiger also recommends influencers and social content creators, especially budding ones in their chosen niche, utilize the social media QR code.

If one is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, he can house all his social media profiles on one QR code and easily share it with his new audience and networks.

To drive more customers and prospects to their business pages, restaurant owners can use the social media QR code for advertising their business. QRTiger team says that this will improve their brand presence and bring in more sales.

FMCG companies
Consumer goods companies and brands also use social media QR codes in their product packaging, print materials, and even on their website. According to QR code experts, these strategies are proven to increase their customer reach and make customers get connected to their brands quickly and conveniently.

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