Q Fever Away Ebook Launched in Answer to Lack of Public Education Regarding Condition

Spreading understanding of this infection is vital to helping sufferers cope with its aftermath, publishes qfeveraway.com

Despite widespread occurrences being reported since its initial discovery in 1935, Q Fever remains a largely unfamiliar term to the general population of the world. Due to varying incubation periods as well as symptoms mimicking an array of other illnesses, this infection tends to proceed unrecognized or misdiagnosed in many sufferers. In an effort to spread awareness of the condition, leading authority on this subject Eva van Dal has launched her latest ebook entitled Q Fever Away.

Said van Dal, "I, myself, have been suffering with Q Fever for more than three years now. Though it's a treatable condition, it can leave behind a number of disheartening symptoms. As harmless as these may seem to those who are infected, as well as physicians, they can certainly take a toll on the body over time. The goal of my book, as well as my website, is to use my first-hand experience to help others understand this illness and ways of dealing with it."

Caused by the bacteria C. burnetii, Q Fever is most commonly spread through infected livestock, placing those in the agriculture and veterinary fields at highest risk of contraction. Symptoms typically include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chest and abdominal pain, cough, elevated body temperature of up to 105 degrees along with accompanying headaches, chills and cold sweats. While symptoms commonly arise within three weeks of exposure to the bacteria, the infection can remain dormant for months before signs develop.

Fatality rates among those diagnosed are low; in fact, less than two percent of patients reaching the acute stage of the infection perish as a result. In advanced stages where q fever endocarditis ensues, the death rate increases to an estimated 43 percent without treatment. If diagnosed early, this condition can easily be treated with antibiotics although many experience lingering complications following receipt of medical care.

Concluded van Dal, "Even after being diagnosed and treated, several patients continue to experience fatigue, night sweats, recurring severe headaches, sensitivity to light, widespread pain, nervous system disorders and a range of other complications. Learning ways of coping with q fever and its possible lasting consequences is vital to living a full life rather than succumbing to these issues. Hopefully, the information borne of personal experience and shared in my ebook and blog will help others deal with this condition more easily."

About Q Fever Away:

Written by Q Fever survivor Eva van Dal, Q Fever Away provides valuable information and answers to common questions regarding this infection, its treatment and ways of living with the aftermath many patients experience.

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