Put a Case on Me Releases New Monogrammed Cell Phone Cases

Individuals find they can protect and personalize their phone with the help of one of these high quality monogrammed cell phone cases, reports PutaCaseon.me

According to Forbes.com, the average price of a cell phone ranges from $408 to $650. Many carriers subsidize these phones, bringing the cost down, but a broken device or one that has been lost often has to be replaced at full cost. To help prevent phone breakage, many users turn to a cell phone case, as these devices help to prevent damage to the phone in the event it is dropped. Finding the right case to meet the user's needs can be difficult, especially when a person wishes to show their individual style with this case, yet Put a Case on Me can be of help with this.

"Although a case isn't an essential accessory for a phone, most people prefer to have one. The case helps to protect the screen from scratches and the actual phone case from dents and dings. Quite a few people also choose to purchase a case simply to differentiate their phone from others that look just like them," Matt Annen, spokesperson for Put a Case on Me (www.putacaseon.me), reports.

According to TechCrunch, 80 percent of adults that are online now have a smartphone, with 19.8 percent of the population owning an iPhone, as reported by Statista. Imagine going out for an evening with friends and everyone setting their phone on the table. It would be very easy to pick up the wrong telephone in a situation such as this, yet cases help to distinguish one phone from another.

"Even a simple case that is a different color can help to tell one phone from another. The average family has a minimum of two smartphones. If both phones are identical, taking the wrong one when heading out in the morning would be a problem for many. This problem can be avoided simply by purchasing cases of different colors, yet often this isn't enough for users to be satisfied," Annen continues.

A phone is an accessory, thus many want their case to reflect their personal style. With hundreds, possibly thousands, of cases to select from, finding one a user loves won't be difficult. In fact, some companies now allow a user to personalize the case to meet their unique needs. Some opt for a case with extra protective bumper cases, others wish to have one with a photo. Some choose both for the same case, as doing so has never been easier.

"Consider getting a custom monogrammed cell phone case to show your style. With the monogram, it will be easy to pick your phone out in a pile of similar ones. Personalize this case to meet your specific needs, and you'll find the case not only protects your phone, but does so in style," Annen declares.

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