PureLamps Expands Its Tiffany Items To Include Tiffany Furniture and Windows

PureLamps specializes in Tiffany lamps and lighting solutions, and has now expanded its range of items to include Tiffany inspired furniture and even stained glass windows.

Tiffany Lamps, one of the hallmarks of the Art Nouveau movement, are made using stained glass and lead lining, creating vibrant and starkly contrasting images ostensibly inspired by Moorish Andalucían artwork. They capture vibrant images of insects and flowers which, when illuminated, shine beautifully and offer a textured, diffused atmosphere to any room. PureLamps specializes in Tiffany lamps and lighting, from table lamps to chandeliers, and has now further expanded their range to include Tiffany inspired furniture and stained glass windows.

Stained glass windows present a small leap from the concept, using the natural light of the sun to color rooms in the day in much the same way lamps do in the evening. The stained glass windows available come in all shapes and sizes to fit the most common dimensions of modern windows, while also representing a wide range of natural beauties, from flower wreaths to still life bears.

The furniture is a bigger departure from the norm, though fire-screens provide the opportunity to diffuse both warmth and flame into a doppled, living kaleidoscope. The other furniture includes a room divider, designed to give some privacy to specific areas of large rooms, with grapevine detail in blue, green and gold.

A spokesperson for www.PureLamps.com explained, “The new items are designed for those with a passion for art nouveau who wish to see the artistry of the style let loose from the restrictions of the lighting feature. Making use of other light sources like fire and the sun will give a very different quality to the atmosphere the style lends to a room, and will create strong silhouettes during the day that will characterize spaces wonderfully. We look forward to selling these items to customers throughout the US and beyond.”

About PureLamps: PureLamps understands the importance of lighting in turning a house into a home. A US company, they specialize in Tiffany Lamps & Tiffany Lighting with affordable pricing. They have a genuine passion for improving home décor through the use of lighting, and use their appreciation for art, culture and style to curate a collection of breathtaking items that will give a home the golden glow of a golden age.

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