Pure Wigs Launches a Women's Hair Loss Campaign

Up to 50 percent of women suffer from hair loss and this condition sadly affects children also. Pure Wigs offers hair pieces, wigs and more to help individuals in this situation, PureWigs.com reports

Human hair sheds daily as part of the natural growing process. However, many women find they are losing hair at an unhealthy rate, with 50 percent of women suffering from hair loss. Most people have heard the term male pattern baldness, yet aren't familiar with female pattern hair loss. Women refuse to live with this condition, nevertheless, with many women opting for Ladies Wigs and Hair Pieces to cover this loss of hair. When choosing a wig or hair piece, ladies have to take care to ensure the look remains natural.

"Ladies find they have a number of wigs they may choose from. They come in cropped styles, chin length wigs, bobs and more. In addition, we stock double filament, human hair and synthetic hair wigs, along with numerous other types. As women want quality when it comes to their hair pieces and wigs, we stock well known brands, including Sentoo, Dimples and Amore. Our goal is to provide women with a wig or hair piece they love and wish to wear every day," Lynne Nutbeen, spokesperson for Pure Wigs, explains.

Medical conditions and treatments may result in the loss of hair, and women who struggle with Alopecia or are undergoing medical treatments that bring about hair loss have enough to deal with. As a result, the government allows these individuals to be exempt from VAT on wigs and hairpieces. A woman simply needs to declare her exemption for VAT relief when checking out to obtain this savings.

"Life is hard enough without having to pay to look good when suffering from Alopecia or working through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. We are here to help women find the perfect wig or hairpiece to combat this hair loss. In addition to offering the easy checkout process with regard to the VAT exemption, we also offer the option of choosing a custom wig. With the help of these wigs, women find they have a piece that is both comfortable and natural. We work with clients to ensure they achieve the right density, length, curl and colour so this is the case," Nutbeen continues.

Sadly, women aren't the only ones who struggle with medical issues. Children may also lose their hair due to a medical condition or treatments they are undergoing. Pure Wigs understands the importance of natural hair for a child's self esteem. For this reason, the company offers a free child's wig to children under the age of 16 who meet the eligibility requirements.

"Men often look good bald, yet this isn't the case for women and children. Pure Wigs offers products to ensure every individual looks and feels their best at all times. Browse our site today to see how we can be of help to you," Nutbeen recommends.

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Pure Wigs supplies ladies wigs, hair pieces, head wear and more for individuals who struggle with hair loss. The company offers a best price guarantee and stocks only premium brands. An expert team remains available to provide advice and support, which is one reason why this team is internationally trusted.

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