Pure Speed Hosting Launches Hosting Up to 130 Times Faster Than Standard Hosting

Pure Speed Hosting has made it their mission to provide hosting up to 130 times faster than normal hosting services, by using solid state drives.

When launching a website, choosing the right hosting can often be the single biggest decision that can affect its success or failure. This is unfortunate, as many people sign up to hosting simply in order to secure their domain, and are often met with slow loading speeds that can drive customers away. Pure Speed Hosting is a new niche hosting website that specializes in providing the world’s fastest loading speeds, ideal for the websites of service providers, e-commerce stores and anyone seeking to provide the best possible user experience for their visitors.

Pure Speed Hosting can offer such fast managed hosting because they use solid state drives to store all the available data, which operate up to one hundred and thirty times faster than traditional spinning drives.

The website also explains the other features and advantages of the service, including their military grade tier 3 server facilities, free site move, fast and friendly support and real cloud support, allowing for seamless transfer from server to serve resulting in zero downtime for any maintenance.

A spokesperson for Pure Speed Hosting explained, “We offer premium speed web hosting for businesses who need to provide a seamless service to their clients. We have created a comparison page on our site so that individuals can see how we measure up in real terms to our competitors, and we have ample testimonials from CEOs, managers and developers who use our systems to create unbeatable websites. The simple truth is that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, they lose 70% of their traffic irretrievably. Conversely, our top speed servers create a seamless experience that can’t be beaten, generating leads, sales and recommendations from all who visit. It is no wonder we are known as one of the best web hosting sites available.”

About Pure Speed Hosting:
Pure Speed Hosting believes in making things happen fast. They only offer dependable Solid State Drive hosting. In an increasingly un-trusting world, Pure Speed Hosting gives clients what they need to reliably provide fast and friendly services to their audiences.

Contact Info:
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Organization: Pure Speed Hosting
Phone: 1 (877) 297-4591
Website: http://www.purespeedhosting.com/

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