Pure Healers Releases Multivitamin Supplement With Bonus Antioxidants

Pure Healers releases multivitamin supplement with Bonus Antioxidants.

Dietary supplements have been big business for decades, and more people use them now than ever before. This has created competition among nutrient supplement suppliers to create the ultimate, most effective dietary supplement product possible. Pure Healers are a relatively new entrant to this environment but have already made waves with their unique approach to formulation. Now, they are releasing a Multivitamin for energy and vitality that not only has a great many vitamins, but is rich in antioxidants as well. Life Vitality is available now exclusively from Amazon, and Pure Healers have released a promo code to promote the launch.

With its antioxidant enrichment, Pure Healers new Life’s Vitality supplements represents one of the best multivitamins on the market for both men and women. Not only loaded with antioxidants, the pills are full of multivitamins and minerals including B vitamins, wheatgrass, Spirulina and more. Because of the all natural ingredients distilled down into the pill, it makes a great and more affordable alternative to juicing, while still containing the same degree of fiber and nutrients.

The product is now available at the already competitive price of $25.99, but with a coupon code made available by Pure Healers customers can try a bottle of the supplement to see the difference for themselves at a special discount rate. Entering “4Q53RHGV” at the checkout will allow customers to purchase the bottle for just $9.99.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “We understand that product loyalty is a big thing in this industry: once people find a supplement they like they tend to stick to it, even if there’s a different supplement that may perform better for them. That’s why we are offering this exclusive coupon code for the first month of the product’s release, so that people can try the product first hand and compare it with their regular supplement to see the difference, without paying over the odds to do so. After trying it, we are sure users will convert to us as their regular supplier for all their nutritional needs.”

About Pure Healers:
Pure Healers is a company that offers high quality health supplements. They have a growing product line and plan on being the go to company for people who want to live the healthy lifestyle.

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