Puppytrainer Publishes Guide On How To Potty Train Puppies

Puppytrainer has created a new comprehensive guide to potty training puppies that uses the best of the internet’s resources across all media platforms along with specialist advice.

Puppies can be one of the most joyous things to enter a person’s life owing to their boundless energy and enthusiasm and the promise of a lifetime of loyal companionship. There are a great many challenges however, some of which cause people to think twice about a puppy, and none carry more fear than potty training- a process which seems completely esoteric to new owners. Thankfully, Puppytrainer has created a Storify account to help people get to grips with training dogs in all manner of things, and their first guide is how to house train a puppy.

Training a puppy, the guide explains, is both challenging and rewarding, and the guide begins with an overview of the general principles of puppy training together with advice on when and how to contact professional trainers should individuals unable to train their puppies.

The guide then provides three videos of training puppies to gain command of basic skills and functions, including potty training. It also syndicates articles from major news resources like USA Today and The Independent. The Storify medium has easily enabled Puppytrainer to curate a resource center providing a one stop shop for answers to this particular problem.

A spokesperson for Puppytrainer explained, “I have created and curated this guide to potty training puppies because it is often the first and most immediate need of new dog owners to program this particular behavior and get it under control before they can move onto more advanced behavioral conditioning to encourage dogs to be compliant, affable and energetic.. Potty training is thankfully a relatively simple process as long as owners are consistent and persistent in their approaches. Everything they need to do is contained within this guide, and includes a full spectrum of multimedia content to make every idea easily actionable.”

About Puppytrainer:
Puppytrainer is a storify user who specializes in training advice for puppies, including behavioral management and personality development using incentivised approaches used for programming and reinforcing desirable behaviors while eliminating undesirable behaviors without the need for excessive punishment. Puppytrainer’s first article is on toilet training puppies and includes detailed multimedia resources to answer all questions and challenges

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