Public Adjuster Ben Expands Their Zero Upfront Insurance Claim Services to the Entire New York and New Jersey States

New York insurance claim company Public Adjuster Ben expands their operations to the entire New York and New Jersey states to help fellow natives with their insurance claims and to recover their losses.

Having established hundreds of customers in the state of New York to fight and negotiate their insurance claims, Public Adjuster Ben and his team have expanded their professional services to the entire state of New York and New Jersey.

Public Adjuster Ben is based out of Monsey NY. As a New York native and resident, he says:

“A lot of homeowners and businesses within New York and New Jersey give up easily on their insurance claims.”

He believes that if you believe you deserve the money, you probably do. He has also stated that New York and New Jersey residents will receive immediate solutions if their insurance denies or underpays their claim.

"We know the insurance rules in and out, and make sure the insurance pays everything you're owed," Ben states.

People not only hire public insurance adjusters to help them properly file an insurance claim, but also to give them the confidence and information that they need, to win when they feel that the insurance firm is underpaying or denying a claim.

New York and New Jersey residents will finally get a professional public adjuster to call on when they need help to fight their insurance claims.

Bringing light to the current issues that plague the industry, Public Adjuster Ben Einhorn has set out to reform insurance adjustment within the residential, commercial, and business property sectors.

He has served as an excellent source for individual homeowners and businesses in New York to guide them through all different types of insurance claim situations. Now licensed in both NY & NJ, he and his team are able to continue offering their experience and expertise to both New York and New Jersey residents.

"Your insurance company wants to keep your money in their pockets, who doesn't?”, says Ben with a cheeky smile. "Their excuse book is bigger than you think", he adds.

Ben says that one of the perks which New Jersey residents will enjoy when working with him is that he only charges on a contingency basis, with no need to lay out any money upfront. Needless to say - clients only pay when they win.

When business owners or homeowners are underpaid or denied insurance claims, Public Adjuster Ben has the experience to get the best outcome for them, whilst also charging significantly less than any attorney.

About Public Adjuster Ben

Public Adjuster Ben is a professional claims handler who advocates for the policyholder in negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim. Ben is an astute negotiator, communicator, and student of over 10 years.

Ben believes in negotiating with a light heart and good humor. He believes that dealing in a friendly manner gets you a lot more than being the tough guy. Nevertheless, he can be tough and heavy-handed when the situation calls for it.

After spending 5 years at B&H as a sales professional, Ben understood that he could use his skills to help people navigate the intricate world of insurance.

For more information on the process which Public Adjuster Ben and his team follow, please visit their FAQ page:

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Organization: Public Adjuster Ben
Address: Monsey, New York, United States
Phone: 845 671 8822

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