Psychic Gurus Editor Stephanie Wilcox Comments On Albemarle Psychic Facing Federal Fraud Charges

Psychic Gurus helps people avoid scam psychics and make informed choices on genuine psychic services, and has commented on the recent fraud case in Albemarle for more than 1.4m dollars.

Psychics, mediums and shaman have been a part of peoples lives since the earliest societies, and their popularity has come in waves over the last hundred years, first in the 1920s and again right now. The problem with this increased popularity is the vulnerability individuals seeking these services have to scammers. is a website that helps people avoid these scams by teaching them what to look for, and has now commented on a case where millions were allegedly stolen by an alleged embezzler posing as a psychic.

Psychic Catherine Marks of Central claimed to have a “gift from God” enabling her to see into the past and future, and asked for payments in cash or jewellery from clients in exchange for palm readings, tarot and clairvoyance. Just one client is claimed to have furnished her with more than $1.4 million, which Marks claimed would be returned to them after ‘cleansing’.

A federal grand jury in Charlottesville indicted her on 31 counts of wire fraud, two counts of mail fraud and one count of money laundering. The criminal enterprise masquerading as a psychic service is not the first of its kind but may be one of the biggest, and Psychic Gurus have issued a statement on the controversy.

Stephanie Wilcox, editor of Psychic Gurus, explained, “This is one of many scandals to hit the psychic industry, and is a shining example of the need for caution when selecting a psychic service. We have made that caution our priority since day one, and our site offers people an opportunity to avoid being stung in this way, using only authentic psychics offering real services for affordable prices. It is a sad day when psychic services are represented like this in the media, which is why we must continue our fight to root out the scammers.”

About Psychic Gurus: Psychic Gurus is a website that investigates psychic services posted online to determine whether or not they are real, accurate and reliable. The website posts independent, in-depth reviews designed to give people actionable intelligence. The site offers honest commentary and recommendations on the best psychic services in the industry.

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