Psychic Abigail Publishes A New Guide Helping Psychics Find Jobs That Use Their Unique Skills

Psychic Abigail is the website of Abigail Sandos, a psychic medium who is looking to help other psychics find direction through a new publication helping those with second sight find jobs.

Psychics have been a part of human culture since human culture first developed. Shamanistic practices have been observed in every formative culture throughout the globe, and psychic practices have ebbed and flowed in popularity with surprising regularity. The 1920s was the last peak in popularity, but current figures show mediumship on the rise again almost a century later. Abigail Sandos’ Guide On Psychic Jobs is a new editorial that demonstrates psychics are once again taking themselves and their gifts seriously, with invaluable advice on how to make money from those skills.

The new guide goes into detail about the history of psychic mediumship and its place in society. Despite huge cultural and scientific shifts throughout history, from ancient Shamans to Nostradamus to the modern day, psychics have always found their place in their culture. The editorial then goes on to explain how psychics today can find their place, and their rightful rate of return for their services.

The article gives hints and tips on how to find work as a psychic medium, as well as sharing statistics on the psychic industry, and projections for its growth within the US. Unlike many spiritualists, Abigail is keen for people to treat their gifts as a commodity and appropriately market them like a business.

A spokesperson for Psychic Abigail explained, “Finding Psychic Employment is difficult but not impossible. Energy work provides an invaluable service to people in unblocking their resistance to life and changing their course to a more successful one. Any other form of consultancy is among the best paid work in the world, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t be the same for Psychics. Psychics are rare and gifted people with the power to transform lives. Abigail’s new guide is designed to help those who can do that see a return on their good work.”

About Psychic Abigail: Psychic Abigail is a psychic who specializes in tarot card readings and energy work. Her focus outside her own offerings is to help psychics find gainful employment using their unique skillset. Her website is a resource center for psychics trying to find direction in using their gifts for the benefit of others.

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