Pruning Can Save Trees from Year-Round Weather Damage

Save Trees From Snow, Wind, and Heat - Get Them Pruned by Foothills Tree Experts.

Tree Pruning or Trimming

Trees have a tough time in Colorado’s bipolar climate, especially in Fort Collins and along the Front Range. Trees suffer ferocious winds, heavy snows, and blistering heat that can easily damage them if they are not in proper condition.

A Certified Arborist knows what to do. A local favorite since 1976, Foothills Tree Experts gently prunes trees so the wind blows through, the snow sticks less, and the heat is less detrimental. These specialized tree pruning techniques make trees stronger, safer, and create a more beautiful environment.

Late winter to early spring is the ideal time for pruning most trees, though flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned after they bloom to maximize the next year’s flowers.

Trees that are not properly pruned can be at risk for their overall health and become unsafe, like the overcrowded broken trees in the photo. Homeowners, HOAs, and property managers can be at risk for unsafe conditions. Neglecting to properly trim trees can result in:

- Broken and hanging limbs from storm damage
- Blocked views of sidewalks or driveways
- Drooping branches that interfere with walkers and bicyclists
- Insect infestation and disease
- Limbs that conflict with power lines

Tree pruning can shape trees into a form that will foster new growth upwards instead of out, or outward instead of up, whatever best fits the space, allowing for a more manageable structure and easier natural branch movement. Professional arborists with Foothills Tree Experts trim the crown of a tree to allow healthier growth in a smaller space. They also trim branches to allow storms to blow through them rather than breaking them, giving them a chance at longer life and a safer living environment.

Foothills Tree Experts’ professional certified arborists are trained and licensed to work near power lines and other utilities to provide safe tree pruning for the customer and their home or office. Homeowners and property managers can call the office in Fort Collins at (970) 482-9488 for a fast free estimate.

When trees and property suffer storm damage, especially large broken branches or fallen trees, and emergency tree service is necessary, Foothills Tree Experts are ready to help 365 days a year.

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