Prosperity Is God’s Idea According To Controversial Minister Wayne Sutton

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Prosperity Is God's Idea According To Podcast Host Wayne Sutton

Prosperity is a word that doesn’t always invite a warm welcome in the church today.  In fact, in many circles of religion, it is a word that brings up images of greed and jealousy.  So when an ordained minister and Christian counselor begins a website and podcast focused on prosperity it can be controversial. is a new blog and podcast series from minister Wayne Sutton, and like any minister who teaches on biblical prosperity, it will attract some critics.

Jesus said, “The poor will always be with you.” However, the Bible also says that is God’s will that we prosper and be in good health. The key is to come into agreement with the will if God, and then seek the wisdom and direction in order to create prosperity.  Creating health, wealth, and happiness is the claim of Pastor Wayne’s blog, and people are listening.  

Learning to hate poverty is one of the shows regular themes, because of the host’s stance that poverty is restrictive and actually brings a ripple effect of damage.  

The host is available for interviews and for speaking engagements.

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