Prominent Tour Agency Offering Memorable Traveling Experience For The Guests

Santiago Ways, which is an accomplished travel agency based in Las Palmas, Spain is providing an unforgettable and unique traveling experience for the discerning clients.

Santiago Ways is a popular travel and tour agency for Camino De Santiago bearing the license number AV39127. They are currently the global organizer of Camino De Santiago. This tour operator is a wholesale and retail agency that would enable them to execute and organize trips without resorting to intermediaries.

One of the benefits of booking a trip to various countries across the world via Santiago Ways is that an individual can eliminate intermediaries. The clients can rest assure a unique and memorable traveling experience without hassles. Santiago Ways is blessed with a team of highly skilled and committed personnel. They have years of experience in paths and routes of Camino De Santiago.

The trails and routes curated by the team of Santiago Ways can be executed within a period of about six to seven days. The benefits include covering maximum distance via cycling or walking. Upon arrival at one of the spots located at Camino, the passengers are treated with a warm reception and optimum hospitality by the team of Santiago Ways. The guests can bask in the luxury of comfort provided by Camino De Santiago. In addition, they can munch on lip-smacking cuisines served by the professional chefs of prominent restaurants.

Ever since its inception, pilgrimage tours were organized exclusively for those who intend to visit popular places of worships located across the globe. However, the customers can opt to travel either solo or group tours. Staunch believers of god almighty hailing from various corners of the planet have placed their trust in curating tours via Santiago Ways.

The users do have the option to pick a camino at any time from any parts of the world. Another major highlight of resorting to Santiago Ways is that they are not required to book a tour much in advance. In order to ensure availability, Santiago Ways would suggest confirming tickets at the earliest. The travel agency who is dealing with Camino De Santiago has gained years of experience. They have succeeded in gaining the trust from more than thousands of customers residing in various countries. The guests can pick a suitable Camino De Santiago trip and Santiago Ways would in turn organize it as early as possible.

One of the sought after routes by the valued customers is Camino De Santiago from Sarria. This particular trail is ideal for pilgrim who prefers to catch a glimpse of Camino De Santiago. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the people to indulge in recreational and sports activities like hiking. Apart from that, they can experience the local cuisines prepared by some of the skilled and professional chefs. This route is presumed to be one of the best picks to engage in close quarters with other pilgrims while immersing oneself in the midst of tranquil environment.

The tour commence from the Galician town of Sarria. It is situated at a distance of about one hundred kilometers from the heart of Santiago. The estimated distance from Sarria to Santiago is one hundred kilometers. This tour covers several farmlands, quaint little villages situated in the midst of lush green surroundings.

It would be more than enough for the guests to obtain the Compostela certificate. This certifies that one has completed the entire route of Camino De Santiago. The certificate is duly signed and supplied by the head office located at Santiago De Compostela. Santiago De Compostela falls under the category of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The second recommend tour start from Tui to Camino De Santiago. The trip, which begins from the stunning town of Tui, shares it border between two European nations namely Spain and Portugal. Each country is bisected by a river named 'Mino'. An individual can travel with ease from one country to another via going across the International Bridge. Some of the major spots covered during this section are quaint villages, traditional farmlands along with massive historical monuments.

Upon arrival at the Galician cost in Arcade, a popular venue for hosting the famous Oyster festival. It also offers a wonderful opportunity for the people to explore Pontevedra. This is a spot where you can witness the majestic grandeur and simplicity of the architecture. The total duration of this trip is eight days and seven nights and the estimated distance covered is about one hundred and twenty kilometers. The price structure is about one hundred and fifty euros per individual.

Santiago Ways are also dealing with Camino guided group tours. The travel schedule is prepared much in advance and the departure is rest assured. In order to ensure optimum satisfaction level and maximum traveling experience, the total number of people in a group has been narrowed down to fifteen people by the team of Santiago Ways. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book Camino Guided Group prior to filling up of groups.

With constant support and guidance of the tour guide, an individual can travel at a distance of about one hundred kilometers beginning from Sarria to Santiago De Compostela. The guests can rest assure a memorable traveling experience by lodging at one of the top opulent hotels located in Camino De Santiago.

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Santiago Ways is a famous travel and tour agency located at Las Palmas in Spain. They are offering ample tour services to their valued clients residing in various parts of the country.

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