Promenad Reshapes The Online Dating Industry With A Unique New Model

Promenad is a free desktop and mobile-friendly dating and socializing platform developed by Dating Tech Group.

While traditional online dating apps offer a myriad of choices backed by free swiping while requiring a subscription for any relevant action (discovering admirers, returning to the previous account), Promenad’s approach has taken the opposite direction.

“A very notable element of our Promenad design involves a departure from “swiping”, which is increasingly out of favor in the online dating world. Promenad features a horizontal browser smart feed. While it looks similar to swipes, the interface allows users to quickly return to the previous profile and immediately view it entirely, including the ability to flip through photos. The like buttons have been lowered to the bottom so that the user can view the entire profile before sending a hello.”
Promenad is different from traditional dating apps in that it emphasizes quality over quantity of likes:

“We developed Promenad for those who feel online dating is a meaningful, serious process and for those who treat it as mostly entertainment. We want to solve the engagement problem for users who are addicted to dating.”

The Promenad dating app is comprised of free dating features, although in-app purchases can positively change the user’s experience. Leaves are Promenad’s in-app currency that is currently functioning as the traditional ‘like’ feature. The Promenad free dating site’s team states that ‘Leaf’ will receive new functionalities soon.

Maksim Shcheglov, Promenad’s Product Manager announced that one of the future updates will bring in-app mini-games, helping users fight off boredom while waiting for potential partners to answer.

A basic account grants the user three leaves; a single leaf will recharge over eight hours, replacing the last spent leaf. This approach was meant to psychologically influence Promenad users into being more considerate of their swiping habits and be more patient.

As a consequence, Promenad attracts more sophisticated users and breaks common social barriers traditional dating apps impose, such as ghosting, and cyberbullying.

Promenad free dating site has reached the 20,000 user mark and was met with remarkably positive feedback from hundreds of online reviewers.

Dating Tech Group Ltd., the owner of Promenad, points out that online dating now represents a unique investment opportunity:
“The Promenad business model is not only effective, but highly attractive as an alternative investment option. In short, our multi-channel customer acquisition approach focuses both on near- and long-term time horizons. Each has its own optimization approaches and enhanced feedback loops for consistent growth and profitability.”

Promenad’s White Paper has been made available to the public and is available over on the official corporate website.

More information on Promenad can be found on while the app is available for free download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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