Professional Face Mask Supplier and Manufacturer Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic

Facemask4virus responds to the coronavirus pandemic by ramping up production to cope with the increased demand.

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Facemask4virus has begun to ramp up production of their professional face masks to cope with the increased demand across the world. With the Chinese authorities regaining control over the country after several months battling the coronavirus outbreak, workers in China are starting to return to their workplaces and are able to once again focus on the production of face masks to distribute across the world.

Facemask4virus produces CE FFP1, CE FFP3 and N95 surgical masks that are designed to help protect vulnerable people from airborne contaminants such as the coronavirus. The company is also one of the world’s largest producers of disposable surgical face masks which can help those who are currently sick prevent further spread of the virus.

To help educate buyers on the proper use of face masks, the company has also created an extensive knowledge base that covers common concerns such as the reuse of masks, which masks to wear and if they are suitable for all ages.

Facemask4virus is a professional face mask supplier and manufacturer based in Xiamen City, China. The company is a reputable industry veteran with years of experience in providing healthcare teams across the world with high-quality face masks. The company uses advanced American testing equipment such as the TSI8130 Automatic Filter Material Detector to ensure the quality of their products. A full list of accreditations is available on Facemask4virus’s website. The company offers free delivery services, secure payment options and 24/7 support to assist customers with their purchase.

For more information, please refer to the contact details below to get in touch with Facemask Virus or to make a purchase from their website.

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