Professional Coaches And Wellness Experts Now Have A Secret Weapon

Success, high fee rates, and quality of life, has created a professional coaching industry that now generates $2 billion (USD) in annual revenues.

Jacksonville - Everyday millions of people, both young and old, post words of wisdom and offer career, life and health advice to friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other online communities.

Most of these social networkers publish their comments and share their knowledge with no expectation of compensation. However, an increasing number of users are branding themselves as life coaches, career coaches, health & wellness coaches and other modalities, and are building huge lists with future aspiration of charging consulting fees.

This trend is contributing to the spectacular growth of the coaching industry.

However, growth in any industry often means competition. This is important because most coaches lack experience and training in sales and marketing and as a result differentiating themselves from competitors will be increasingly difficult.

“This is where the Universal Love Order comes in”, says Moses Cross, Founder, Universal Love Order.

“Recognizing the fact that most professional coaches are busy helping clients to enhance their health, finances and lifestyle, ULO teamed up with the Pamper Me Network to help coaches to generate client enquiries, enhance search engine ranking and recruit social media supporters”.

Cross adds, “The relationship is simple really. We are in the business of sharing information. Specifically, we introduce people to the best coach training programs or private colleges including the Canadian College Of Massage and Hydrotherapy or the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM). The Pamper Me Network provide respondents to our online campaigns or experts with the tools they need to excel in business and reward consumers to keep supporting experts.”

The service is ideal for coaches of all modalities including massage therapists, fitness trainers, naturopaths and homeopaths.

“Whether it's drafting news releases, generating sales leads, printing business cards or building dynamic websites that convert sales, we are committed to supporting the needs of coaches and wellness experts”, says Matrix Thompson, VP, Pamper Me Network.

"With Over 2,000 businesses & 100 + websites using the Pamper Me Network (PMN) to generate sales leads and media publicity, we operate unchallenged in a vertical market we are pioneering", adds Thompson.

“In fact, we are the only media company to offer clients success guarantees with the world's first advertising insurance program”.

Together the Universal Love Order and the Pamper Me Network appear to be filling a need that has gone unsatisfied for years. You can join the Universal Love Order family at All new members receive a free Pamper Me Network account to test their content management and social ambassador recruitment platform.


The Universal Love Order (ULO) is an online community dedicated to advancing the message of Peace, Love & Harmony. At ULO we encourage individuals to share information that help others to enhance their health, lifestyle & finances (and earn money in the process). With more than 1,500 members ULO is growing quickly while creating a new generation of successful entrepreneurs. For more information please visit


The Pamper Me Network is a technology & marketing company specializing in developing technology that automates sales lead generation, social ambassador recruitment and content distribution. Professionals and businesses use our revolutionary Social Sharing Rewards technology to transform social media posts into viral digital billboards, drive social ambassador recruitment and reward Internet users for sharing content.

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