Proctor Company Incorporated Donates Use of Surveys to Help Promote Upcoming Virginia State Beekeepers Association Spring Meeting

The use of surveys and quizzes is being used to help determine possible speaker topics and products available at the VSBA meeting. The quiz is being sent to anyone interested in beekeeping.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States – December 29, 2018
Rappahannock Beekeepers Association is hosting the Virginia Beekeepers Association meeting being held May 31 – June 1, 2019 at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel, Fredericksburg, VA.

The VSBA is a nonprofit organization that helps in the advancement and promotions of beekeeping in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The meeting will host speakers and events that will help beekeepers from the MidAtlantic and beyond to better understand how to help and promote the honey bee pollinators.

We all know that the pollinators have had a very hard time with survival.

One of the best ways to help our pollinators is through education. The knowledge of what is known now and what is being researched can help with decisions being made and their impacts, by individuals, groups and municipalities.

To better understand what beekeepers are going through, the questions was asked, “When it comes to caring for your bees, what’s the single biggest challenge that you’ve been struggling with?” This single most important question will help tailor the marketing for the event and the language used to promote the event.

This will help provide value to the “wannabee” beekeeper, the just starting out beekeeper, and the advanced or master beekeeper.
With taking this approach, topics for the advanced beekeeper are not being presented to the beekeeper that is just starting out and does not want to be overwhelmed.

Being able to do this, is by using the very old and tried method of simply asking the right questions of the market to discover what that market wants.

The market can then be segmented into different groups or buckets of interest and needs.

When that is done, the message given to each bucket solves the problem or desire of that individual or group.

A one size fits all mentality is eliminated!

David Proctor, President of Proctor Company Incorporated, says “Since we have started using the discovery and segmentation funnels in our operations, we have doubled our business leads and know exactly what the market wants, even before they know themselves.”

Without this knowledge, the event is just guessing as to how to speak to the members and nonmembers and also what they may want to purchase at the event.

Guessing means potential losses and an unhappy beekeeper.

Proctor Company Incorporated would like to share with as many others as possible with consulting them on their customer questions.

To take the quiz go to Beekeepers Short Quiz after the quiz has been taken a donation will be made on your behalf to help save the bees.

Visit https://www.proctorcompanyincorporated.comfor more information on surveys and quizzes.

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