Pro Roofing Launches Much Needed Roof Inspection Service Among Others

Vancouver based roofing company Pro Roofing to provide area homeowners with vital additional services

One of the most ignored areas on an average person's home is its roof, and the consequences of failing to note problems with a home's roof as they develop are well-documented and often expensive. Penetrating tree branches, worn or missing shingles and damaged flashing are examples of the kind of roof injury that often compromises the integrity of a roof and leads to costly repairs.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) advises homeowners to conduct regular roof inspections, and also, to inspect a roof after every major storm. Pro Roofing (, one of the Vancouver - Portland area's most highly-rated roofing companies, in an effort to better serve its clients' needs, has recently unveiled a number of roof-related services they plan to offer going forward, including roof inspections.

Nolan F, Pro Roofing's appointed spokesperson, offered these insights. "We here at Pro Roofing see the unfortunate repercussions almost every day that come from not paying attention to what's happening up there on the roof," he explained.

"We understand the reluctance of many homeowners to go up on the roof and conduct their own inspection. Some people are afraid of heights. Some have homes where the roof pitch is too steep for them to even consider walking on it. And then there are people who are not physically capable of getting up there to check things out. That's where we come in—for a nominal fee, the homeowner can give us a call and we'll inspect their roof for him. With this one, simple step, many homeowners are apt to save themselves, literally, many thousands of dollars."

In addition to roof inspections, Pro Roofing Vancouver WA installs roofs on new constructions and replaces them on existing homes. They now provide such services as roof tearoffs, and repairs, moss removal, chimney and siding inspections and repairs, weather proofing, and more. Pro Roofing takes pride in following correct procedure. According to Nolan F, "A lot of roofing companies like to take shortcuts. For example, sometimes a roofer will install a new roof over the top of the existing roof. This saves him time and money, but doing the job this way not only prevents him from having the opportunity to inspect the existing sub-structures, to make certain they are sound, but also adds a great deal of weight. In some cases, this might be fine, but without inspecting what's underneath that first worn-out roof, there's no way of knowing whether the underlying construction is up to the job of supporting that extra weight."

For useful information about roofing concerns and options, homeowners are encouraged to check out the frequently asked questions page on Pro Roofing's website at

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Pro Roofing is a highly regarded roofing contractor serving the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. In addition to roof installation, they also provide roof repairs, gutter installation and cleaning, as well as other associated roofing services.

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