Prime School Sees Improvement In Academic Results For IGCSE and A-levels

Leading international Portugal-based school, Prime School International, records an increase in academic results of students following more engagement with parents

Prime School International has grown to become a yardstick in terms international education in Portugal and other parts of Europe as the institution continues to develop innovative ways of improving the learning experience of all students. Located in Estoril and Sintra, Portugal, the school strictly follows the Cambridge Assessment from kindergarten to College, with the pedagogical approach at the core.

Searching for the best school remains one of the major concerns for parents, especially for families moving to Portugal or Europe due to the desire to find an excellent project that will support the development of the child to be prepared for the difficulties and opportunities of the 21st century. Prime School International positions itself as an educational reference with Cambridge curriculum to deliver the best learning experience to students.

The global education system has continued to evolve over the years, with the development of different curriculums and systems to suit current realities. The case is not particularly different in Portugal with the likes of Prime School International leading the way in this respect, with their unique approach and strict adherence to international best practices.

Prime School International has adopted an approach of bringing parents into the development and learning process of their wards, organizing monthly meetings alongside the Pedagogical department to discuss and find the best way to shape the future of the students. The school has expressed their belief that there are parents' associations that do not have the necessary preparation in pedagogical issues and unintentionally can negatively impact students, creating students that are insecure and poorly prepared. Consequently, Prime School increased the number of meetings with the parents to reinforce trust and open dialogue in the school, a move that has started to yield amazing results.

In addition to seeing an improvement in the performance of students in examinations, such as IGCSE and A-levels, the school’s approach has also received accolades from notable names, with Edite Reina, the former Consul General of Costa Rica, stating that it has successfully resulted in initiatives that positively influence the school practices and the promotion of dialogue creates a space to think more and better.

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