Priest Electric Offers Free Guide On How To Avoid Frequent Electric Motor Faliures

This guide offers general guidelines for getting the most out of an electric motor.

Over the past decade, experts agree, that the quality of today’s electric motors and components have significantly improved. However, even the highest quality motors will degrade over time. The rate at which electric motors degrade greatly depends on the maintenance plan and environmental conditions in which they operate.

Priest Electric, located in the Boise, ID area, has been repairing electric motors for over 50 years, and have recently released a guide that can help industrial businesses extend the operating lifespan of an electric motor, and avoid costly repairs or replacement.

Priest Electric Sales Manager Lee Evans explained: “We’ve seen just about every scenario, condition, or failure that could possibly occur to en electric motor. We partner with our customers not only to provide repair services, but to identify why the failure happened in the first place, and what can be done to avoid similar repairs in the future. This free guide contains some best practices that can reduce common problems."

Here is an example of what is contained in the free guide:

1. Closely Monitor Operating Environment
Motor wear is greatly accelerated when the motor is exposed to poor environmental conditions such as temperature, dirt, dust, moisture, or corrosive fumes. If such conditions cannot be avoided, then using a motor specifically designed to resist those conditions is highly recommended. An EASA certified electric motor repair center can also perform motor modifications that help resist specific conditions.

2. Use Correct Lubrication Type and Amount
Using the wrong type or amount of lubrication can lead to a quick motor failure. Bearing failures are the major cause of electric motor downtime, repair and replacement costs. Industry information shows that 90% of those bearing failures are due to over greasing. Closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, or visit to see industry standards.

3. Have A Maintenance Plan
A good motor repair center should work directly with their customers to identify any potential causes of potential failure and provide a predictive and preventative maintenance program. When a repair does occur, a failure analysis will help avoid the same repairs in the future.

Overall, the best way to maximize the operating life of any electric motor is to closely follow manufacturer recommendations and user guides. To obtain this free guide simply visit and fill out the form on the home page.

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