Priceless Auto Glass Launches Glass Repair Efforts In Light Of Stringent Regulations

California laws regarding damaged vehicle glass prompt company to take action.

Section 26710 of the California Vehicle Code dictates a vehicle cannot be operated on state roads or highways if the windshield or back window is damaged to an extent that impairs the driver's vision; furthermore, a driver who ignores this law has only 48 hours following receipt of a citation to remedy the situation. Law enforcement officials adhere to this regulation regardless of drivers' reasons for failing to have their vehicle glass repaired.

In order to help California drivers avoid the repercussions for such a violation, Ronnie Tannous of Priceless Auto Glass has launched efforts to facilitate the automotive glass repair and replacement process. Said Tannous, "Vehicle owners dole out a number of excuses for not having their windshields and back glasses repaired, most of which revolve around time and cost. We solve both these issues for our customers."

Before technical upgrades took place in this field, Windshield Repair in Santa Rosa was a lengthy process. Vehicles were often required to remain stationary for up to 24 additional hours following restoration. In many cases, modern techniques now allow vehicles to return to the road in under an hour. Industry advances have also increased the extent of damage able to be repaired. Whereas only small chips could be corrected initially, larger areas of damage and some cracks can now be filled using resin adhesive. This method is typically less expensive than replacing the glass.

Extensive testing must be performed before determining if repair is a viable option. If a crack is allowed to spread beyond approximately 12 inches, replacement will be necessary; likewise, widespread spider webbing is irreparable. The location of the damage plays a deciding role as well with cracks around the edges of the glass compromising structural integrity to a greater degree than those centrally located.

Regarding cost, many authorities assert the price of rear glass or windshield replacement in Santa Rosa is comparable to that of a ticket for failure to do so. Though this may not sway some vehicle owners, once the financial and legal impacts of refusing to heed a citation are factored in, disregarding the law is far more expensive than prompt action. Tannous noted most vehicle insurance policies cover glass replacement; however, insurance will not cover tickets for damaged glass or repeat offenses.

Concluded Tannous, "In some cases, small damages may not even be noticeable by the untrained eye. Having the windshield and rear glass inspected by a professional on a regular basis is advisable. Aside from remaining in compliance with the law, damaged glass is extremely dangerous. If the glass is compromised, so is the structural integrity of the entire vehicle. This could lead to far more serious injuries in an accident. Whether they are taking preventative measures or in a race to respond to a ticket for sight obstruction, we offer fast windshield repairs in Santa Rosa CA and will match any competitor's price our customers bring us."

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