Price Per Head Options Launches Software To Give Best Odds On Sporting Events

With best software online businesses can run businesses more effectively reports Price Per Head Options.

According to industry statistics recently released, 51% of the world's population participate in some form of gambling every year, signifying the obvious financial benefits for online gambling websites. With that in mind, Price Per Head Options ( has launched bookie software to give business owners best odds on all sporting events and overnight lines as well as free customized websites, says company spokesperson H. Laprade.

Laprade confirms, saying, "Price Per Head Options offers the best top of the line agent software, built to cover all needs from agents, including sports betting software, bookie software, and off shore booking solutions. The software package gives business owners full control, as all our reports work at a 100%, providing fast and accurate information."

As of today, three states have legalized online gambling, Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada, but more states have it on the legislative books in the coming years, making it a likely booming business for many, say experts. When the time comes, having the right platform for the business is imperative says Laprade. "When you're operating an online gambling site, you have to have fast and accurate information. You should be able to check your player's figures for at least four months and check their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly figures as well. An owner should be able to change passwords and limits quickly and easily with management tools and monitor all action in real time. Additionally, they should be able to cross reference IP addresses to locate duplicate players."

Laprade points out players are online 365 days a year trying to win money, so when looking for a company to provide software and support for betting site, it too should operate on the same time line. "With multiple internet providers for redundancy, latest technology and the best technicians, we can assure your business will be up and running 24/7 every day 365 days a year."

To attract new clients, the company is now offering the first two weeks free for new sign ups, along with free customized websites. Says Laprade, "Along with mobile access for players and agents and the free options, there is no reason for companies not to try the best."

About Price Per Head Options:
Price Per Head Options was created to provide the best option for PPH agents. They understand Pay Per Head is a very competitive business, therefore, their agent software will offer the best tools and reports to control an online business. They guarantee players will enjoy the betting experience with friendly, clear and fast betting software. They pride themselves on their customer satisfaction and professional staff available to care for their clients 24/7.

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