Preston Hudman The Google Rapper Released a New Song Called "The Algorithm Thinks I'm Gay"

New Cyber Rap Music from Preston Hudman and Tune Homie The Google Rapper

Preston Hudman and his family own a company called Tune Homie and so he will often times use that artist account to upload his music which is the case for his latest single called "The Algorithm Thinks I'm Gay" so make sure to follow both Tune Homie AND Preston Hudman on Spotify if you enjoy the music. This latest song is easily his best one yet according to him so have a listen and feel free to tell him what you think of it on Instagram @prestonhudman or contact him through his website

This particular song has a very funny premise which is that the Google search engine algorithm has for some reason determined that Preston is Gay and is constantly showing him adult advertisements for gays even though he's not and does not visit websites like that.

Preston has amassed over 190k followers on Spotify and there are public playlists containing his music that have tens of thousands of followers. Be sure to add his music to your playlists and follow him too so you can ride the wave he's on with him.

Boiler Plate: Preston Hudman is a Social Media Marketer and Data Analyst who has investigated Google for the last 5 years but has been active on social media since 2012. Now he is making music as a rapper. He claims that Google is obsessed with him and that he is responsible for literally all the changes made to YouTube since late 2016. Preston is most active on Instagram @prestonhudman

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