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New Law Website To Help Pressure Sore Negligence

The leading legal practice Bridge McFarland announces today that it is re-launching its website Sores
, also known as bed sores, are profoundly painful ulcers brought on by inappropriate confinement to bed or in a wheelchair. Their intensity varies but all forms are extremely unpleasant for the sufferer. Most victims are hospital patients who have not been cared for adequately. will be the website of choice for anyone who has suffered the pain and inconvenience of pressure sores as a result of someone else’s negligence and wishes to seek compensation. The no win no fee promise guarantees that complainants will not have to risk any of their own money to pursue a claim but may receive a substantial award.

A spokesman for Bridge McFarland said: ‘This kind of injury so often goes unnoticed but people who develop these ulcers really do suffer most appallingly, ironically at the hands of the very people who are supposed to be helping them. It’s time to recognise the problem and
fight back on behalf of the victims’.

The site offers easy access to information and a gateway to legal advice from experts in the field. Any enquiry made via the website or by telephone will be dealt with promptly, courteously and professionally.

Bridge McFarland is a leading regional firm of solicitors with offices all over the UK from London to Grimsby. With years of experience in both personal and corporate law it boasts a track record and satisfied client list that is second to none.

Since the drastic reduction in the availability of legal aid, Bridge McFarland has pioneered the development of its replacement, the conditional fee, known commonly as ‘no win no fee’. This is particularly effective in cases where a complainant has limited funds and would otherwise be denied access to legal redress.

Medical negligence is one such area that endures such limitations, and it forms a major part of Bridge McFarland’s activities. Negligence of this kind is not restricted to high-profile operating theatre errors or cases of MRSA. An extraordinary number of patients, receiving perfectly professional medical care may still fall foul of negligence in the simplest of ways.

For this reason, Bridge McFarland has developed a specialism in litigation regarding what may seem mundane but is in reality both serious and prevalent: pressure sores.

The sad aspect of this is that pressure (or bed) sores are easily prevented with the use of mattresses and cushions designed to relieve pressure, or heel protectors and special-boots. This company aims to change that.

Most of all, nursing staff have a duty to advise patients on how to relieve pressure themselves, but there is of course no substitute for regular inspections and preventive action by the nurses. All too often otherwise dedicated and skilled nurses neglect this part of the job and as a result thousands of patients are caused needless suffering.

They strongly believe that no one should have to endure this severe discomfort in silence and simply accept it as a concomitant part of the in-patient experience. The courts are there not to process vexatious or bogus claims, but to deliver the simple practical justice of compensation to those who, through no fault of their own, having been badly let down.

The Pressure Sores website provides more details about this much over-looked area of medical negligence.

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