Preserve You Launch New Range Of Premium Anti Aging Products With Special Offer

The new online only brand is introducing its new product with a discounted special offer to encourage early adopters

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is said, yet many look at themselves and do not wish to behold cellulite. Cellulite is the natural build up subcutaneous fatty deposits that give skin, particularly on the upper thighs, a mottled effect that many would rather do without. Cosmetic products have emerged to deal with the treatment, but a new solution is being offered by a new cosmetics company called Preserve You. Selling exclusively online, their anti cellulite cream uses natural ingredients including organic green tea extract to encourage the natural break down of fat deposits and eliminate cellulite.

The cream itself uses Gotu Kola, Gycolic Acid, Almond Oil and Green Tea Extract which has been found to help in fat metabolism. The cream, applied twice daily, promises to gently reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as reducing the number of free radicals that can damage skin appearance.

Preserve You cellulite cream is only the first step in their range of available products, each of which promise to be specially formulated to combat specific signs of aging and other hindrances to natural beauty, which they believe is present in every woman, and needs only natural encouragement to shine.

A spokesperson for Preserve You explained, “Natural beauty exists in the individual without the need for tampering, and our products aim to use natural ingredients to revitalize and preserve inner beauty rather than aggressively try to manufacture an impression of it through treatments like botox. Our anti-cellulite cream aims to gently remove a condition that gets in between you and your beauty by gently firming up the skin, moisturizing the affected areas and encouraging the natural breakdown of fatty deposits under the skin. The cream is available with a third off on the entire first shipment, which will be in Amazon warehouses by the end of May.”

About Preserve You
Preserve You is an all new cosmetics brand launching exclusively online to sell anti-aging and associated beauty products using the latest most beneficial ingredients. The company has launched its first own-brand product in the form of anti-cellulite lotion and plans to expand rapidly through its presence as an online store on Amazon.

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