Prescription Drug Forecast For 2017 Confirms Prescription Drug Price Increase

U.S. Consumers Hope New Administration Will Take On Big Pharma

U.S. Drug Prices are soaring and many Americans are worried about being able to afford their medications. Citing findings from CBS News, notes that prescription drug costs for Americans under 65 years old are projected to jump 11.6 percent in 2017, or at a quicker pace than the 11.3 percent price increase in 2016. For the “over 65’s” 2017 drug costs are projected to rise 9.9 percent next year, compared with 10.9 percent in 2016, though salaries are expected to rise by only 2.5 percent in 2017. continues to offer the only other viable solution for saving up to 90% by purchasing medications from properly verified Canadian pharmacies. The company helps consumers find their unaffordable, expensive brand name drugs, as well as expensive generic medications at much lower prices than patients would normally be charged by their U.S. pharmacies.

When U.S. residents purchase brand name medicine from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy, the savings can be huge. As detailed on their site,, the company supports U.S. residents who absolutely can not afford their critical prescriptions. So many people want the option to order their medications online, yet come up against perceived safety issues instead of buying “safer, regulated” prescription drugs from a certified U.S. pharmacy. In many cases, if health insurance companies offer only generics under prescription policies, the patient is not guaranteed to get the medicine they really need, because generic manufacturing cuts corners and does not manufacture the same exact formula. This is why having the option of ordering brand-name medications online from is the best option.

According to the latest report from the U.S. Senate, “Many patients are forced to go without vital medicine, and experience dangerous and sometimes life-threatening symptoms as a result,” “[Even patients] who still had insurance coverage for the medication reported watching anxiously as prices climbed, knowing they could lose access without warning if the drug were dropped from their insurance plan’s formulary at any time throughout the year, or if their application for patient assistance were denied at any point.”

At least for now, a concerted effort is being made by two U.S. Senators, Susan Collins, R.-Maine, and Claire McCaskill, D.-Mo. They are advocating policy changes such as allowing temporary importation of prescription drugs when drug makers push through major price increases for off-patent drugs, as well as enacting a law that would incentivize competition in generic medications, with the goal of bringing down prices. Until such time this possible legislation is even proposed or enacted, is the best option for saving up to 90% by purchasing medications from properly verified Canadian pharmacies.


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