Pregnancy Exercise Publishes New Guide Into Training For Fitness While Pregnant

Pregnancy Exercise is blog created by personal trainer Lorraine Scapens, and has just published a new guide to gym and weight training while pregnant.

When women first become pregnant, the momentous occasion takes over their entire lives. As they settle into the idea of becoming a mother, many women then seek to return to their normal lives, which for many women means hitting the gym and staying healthy. Many more women wonder about hitting the gym to get fitter and provide a better environment for their growing child. In both cases, Pregnancy Exercise is a great resource for ideas and inspiration. Personal trainer Lorraine Scapens has just published a new guide covering the details of what women can do in the gym while pregnant and which pregnancy workouts are free.

The editorial describes the chaos and upset of the first twenty weeks, and advises that individuals dedicate their energy to coping with nausea and exhaustion. As the hormones achieve balance, Scapens recommends a gentle return to exercise, and shares the stories of clients like Jamie, to inspire others.

The article describes the length of time people should be exercising for and the number of training sessions they should be doing in a week. The article then describes the ideal balance of cardio and strength exercises, and even outlines a regime that can help people gently reintroduce themselves to the gym and build up strength over time, without affecting the baby.

A spokesperson for Pregnancy Exercise explained, “There are many benefits of keeping active during your entire pregnancy but if pregnancy itself prevents you from keeping active please don't let it stress you further. If you have maintained regular exercise pre-pregnancy, then there is no way you will want to give exercise up forever. This new guide is aimed at those who want to maintain their fitness through pregnancy so that once they are recovered from childbirth, they can begin the process of healing and rehabilitation, and get straight back on their fitness journey.”

About Pregnancy Exercise:  Pregnancy Exercise is an online resource center created by personal trainer Lorraine Scapens, to provide women with safe information and exercise programs that help Mums experience a pain free pregnancy, get fit for birth, and then to correct their abdominal muscle separation safely after the birth of their babies. The site includes information on training regimes, blogs featuring advice and guidance, and a supportive community of readers.

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