Pre Workout Supplements Declared To Be Not a Scam

New Website reveals that not all pre-workout supplements are scams, and provides information in sourcing out the most reliable and credible ones instead. announces their grand opening of a website showing proof that pre-workout products are not all scams. The fact is that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not regulate or place strict rules on Supplement companies. This means that supplement companies have the power to really mix up any type of ingredients that they really want to. It is not true that supplement companies are out to poison or harm the public; in fact many of their products are quite beneficial for the people that use them.

One of the most popular products of supplement companies are pre-workout supplements, their purpose is to get both the human mind and body ready for a hyperactive or strenuous workout when someone is feeling a lack of energy. A small amount of people have negative criticism towards them because most contain a dose of caffeine and those critics simply do not understand why. Pre-workout supplements is a multi-billion dollar niche industry and those products are not a scam. Athletes, body builders and casual gym goers can all benefit from these products when used correctly.

Ronnie Valdivz, owner of, was recently asked if pre-workout supplements were actually worth buying, he stated “Yes, of course they are but people may have to try a few to see what works best for them as some pre-workout products have their own proprietary blend. They can be extremely effective and give people exactly what they need, when they need it.” He progressed to inform us that pre-workout formulas should be used as “time savers”, meaning that these supplements should not be abused and should be taken 20 minutes before all workouts and sipped on throughout the remaining of a training session.

He labeled these supplements as “time savers” because in reality people should be preparing a small meal 2 to 3 hours prior to a workout as energy to fuel a training session. However, in today's busy society people may not have the time or discipline to prepare such meals ahead of time especially if someone is training in the early morning or right after work. Even pro athletes use pre-workout products especially in the NFL since it is one of the most demanding sports that exist. Some celebrity athletes even help endorse certain products, obviously they get paid handsomely for it but they also use it themselves to their own benefit.

Supplement companies create these types of products to give people an instant boost of energy in order to fuel their workouts, so it merely takes some research to find out which is scam and which contain real beneficial ingredients to help aid the human body.

Ronnie Valdivz has recently launched a website that goes into more detail as to how and why someone can benefit from pre-workout formulas. More information on the best pre-workout supplement can be found on his website.

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