Pre-Launch Crypto StableDAO Is Helping Investors Improve Their Portfolios With Their Latest Referral Program

To register, it can be done via . Make sure to fill in the name and e-mail correctly, including the mobile number. The registration schedule will end on December 5, 2022.

StableDAO opens the opportunity to earn a reward of US$ 100 in the pre-launching moment of the crypto asset . Don't miss the opportunity that will end December 7, 2022.

“Since October 15, 2022, we officially announced the pre-launch program for StableDAO. Anyone has the right to have the opportunity to get the cryptocurrency worth US$100 dollars, including the friends you invite will get US$10,” said the StableDAO Team based in Otemachi, Tokyo, Japan.

According to them, account activation starts on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 00.00 GMT, where each participant can claim US$100 for each registration and US$10 for each registered colleague (referral). Demographic EPP around United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, China, etc will be announced.

What is StableDAO?

StableDAO is not a commonly known type of stablecoin such as USDT and the like, but a crypto asset whose value is based on the value of several other crypto assets in the StableDAO treasury, including real assets, one of which is agricultural land.

To generate value in transactions, StableDAO combines the mechanism of yield farming and DAO aka Decentralized autonomous organization. Yield farming itself is a way to get crypto by lending crypto to other parties through the imposition of interest and other forms of reward, such as staking.

Whereas DAO is a way for an organizational structure to be managed not centrally or centrally, but by all parties within the organization, especially members, by requiring them to have certain tokens/crypto to determine the direction of the organization's path.

How to Register for Pre-Launch StableDAO

To register, it can be done via Make sure to fill in the name and e-mail correctly, including the mobile number. The registration schedule will end on December 5, 2022.

Contact Info:
Name: Lyly
Email: Send Email
Organization: StableDAO
Address: Indonesia

Release ID: 89085176