Power of Soul Website by Schwab IT Launched To Help Men Gain Confidence

Studies show self confidence is the main quality women are looking for reports Power of Soul.

According to industry statistics, 44% of the adult American public is single, with 40 million people using online sources for dating. What experts conclude is most of these people are searching for long-term relationships. Dominick Schwab, spokesperson for the website Power of Soul (http://powerofsoul.com) concurs, saying, "Men, for the most part, don't want to be alone. They want the comfort of a pretty woman on their arm."

However, according to Schwab, a number of men lack the confidence to approach a woman successfully, having old, out-dated ideas of what it takes to impress a girl. "While some choose to live alone, without the loving companionship of a good woman, others choose to expand and enhance their life skills and impress the ladies. However, some skills are going to impress women a lot more than others."

Schwab goes on to say certain skills, like learning a new language attract women. Schwab explains, "This skill is difficult. It takes time to learn to fluently speak another language, but it’s worth it in the end. Women seem to be intrigued by a man with an international background. Plus, women understand it takes serious effort and dedication to learn more than one language." He contunes saying, speaking a language other than one's native tongue shows that a man can make a commitment.

Playing a musical instrument is another skill women seem to appreciate, says Schwab. "Guitar players always seem to get the best girls. There’s just something about a dude wailing away on his sax that really makes the ladies flock to them. You’re going to show the world, men and women alike, that you are a man of character, a man of culture, and a man with many talents." Schwab goes on to say a number of other skills demonstrate men have a deeper side to their personality, attracting members of the opposite sex.

"There's no need to spend night after night alone. Utilize the time you have alone to learn new skills to attract the ladies, instead. To get a boost of self confidence, take a look at our website, http://powerofsoul.com/the-tao-of-badass-review/ to find your inner power. It's self confidence women want, and developing new skills will give you that confidence you need."

Statistics show the average amount of time required to make a first impression on a woman is one hour. Says Schwab, "You simply can't do that by asking a lady at the bar what her sign is. You have to dig deeper and have more going on to impress today's women."

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