Power Couple Luis And Camille Estrella To Create 12,000 New Homeowners

Real estate experts and founder of Brightest Shine Homes real estate team, to create more opportunities in real estate with plans to deliver 12,000 new homes in 2021

Luis and Camille Estrella have taken their pursuit of helping more people in New York and New Jersey as well as other parts of the country to live their dreams of owning a home after the couple who run the Brightest Shine Homes real estate team announced plans to create 12,000 new homeowners in 2021.

“Our goal is to create 12,000 new home owners this year and I need your help. Our goal is to create generational wealth on a massive scale and it takes everyone doing a little to get a lot done,” said Luis Estrella. “My wife and I run the Brightest Shine Homes real estate team. Honored to be helping my clients from credit to closing. Over 10 years of experience in the business,” he continued.

Luis Estrella has a firsthand experience of being homeless at an early age and decided to break free from the jinx and share his wealth of knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. In addition to being a realtor, Luis also teaches people the tools they need to create generational wealth, as he hopes to break the monopoly that exists in the current real estate system. He also helps people in repairing their credit and leverage great credit to become homeowners.

Luis and Camille have adopted a comprehensive approach to teaching the art of wealth creation: starting the process with a financial literacy program to educate, empower, and enable clients to not only buy a home but to keep it and teach their family to replicate the process. In a related development, the couple founded SOMA EOC - South Orange & Maplewood Entrepreneurs of Color, creating a living breathing directory of black and brown business in town and surrounding areas. Luis also helps clients to get alternative financing through his hard money company, FundSource Financial.

Luis Estrella is an all-rounder, as he is also a CBD and THC Franchisor in all 50 states, giving access to people to start their own private label and drop shipping wholesale franchise for only $500 a month. In addition to his amazing entrepreneurial skills, the success coach, financial education specialist and credit rejuvenator, licensed realtor, and poet is also passionate about education. He is a Be Free University Professor and Ambassador and he hopes to incorporate classes on all things surrounding real estate, wealth building, and making passive and residual income.

As a husband and wife team, they sold over 11 million in sales in 2020 during the pandemic, helping 30 families to become homeowners in 2020, with access to over $80,000 in down payment assistance, all the while creating 3D home models and 4K real estate photography for Realtors, Contractors, Architects in their respective markets. They provide direct private money and transactional lending with 360 Finance. Providing funding and standby letters of credit to corporations and government contractors providing PPE equipment. They are hard money lenders with Fund Source Financial specializing in financing for investors doing the BRRRR strategy ( Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). Last but not least they do traditional financing nationally as a branch manager for NationMac Mortgage.

For more information about Luis and Camille Estrella as well as how to make passive income in luxury destinations like Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, please visit - http://luis10k.com/. Luis also has a relatively strong presence across social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Clubhouse.

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