Pound Melter Recently Launched Fitness Program Examined By Nathan Johnson

Pound Melter, a recently released fitness program designed by Paul Sander, utilizes basic and effective methods for effective reduction of weight. The program is becoming more and more popular, and Nathan Johnson has decided to take a closer look at it.

"The main advantage of the Pound Melter program is its approach. Dieting restrictions are almost non-existent, and users can enjoy almost all types of foods they normally do," says Nathan Johnson. "Philosophy of the program is, that any heavily restricting diet is unsustainable in the long run due to excruciating food cravings and possible yo-yo effect."

"People who are genuinely interested in the Pound Melter program, should be aware of various review websites, which can be found on the Internet. These websites provide people with misleading information and moreover, sell the program for twice its regular cost," warns Johnson. "It is definitely advised to purchase the program from the official website only, which can be found here - PoundMelter.Net"

According to official website, Pound Melter was designed by Paul Sanders, a fitness expert with years of experience. Paul Sanders based the Pound Melter program on a solution, which dates back to 1950. The primary idea of the program revolves around the special properties of certain foods, which help to lower the overall temperature of the body. This process leads to an activation of the brown fat cells, which are an essential part of the metabolic process. Furthermore, brown fat helps to metabolize white fat faster and improves the basal metabolic rate, which allows users to have higher calorie income during their diet.

However, even Pound Melter requires dieting restrictions. The program contains a selection of foods, which are allowed a certain number of times per month. In addition, Pound Melter also removes toxins from the body, which are considered dead weight and their absence improves overall health and immune system.

"It is only natural, that Pound Melter has to use some restrictions when it comes to daily calorie income and overall diet," says Johnson. "However, users can still enjoy most of the foods, even some which are completely incompatible with other diets. Users who find Pound Melter to be way too restricting or won't be satisfied with the program or diet plan can ask for a refund anytime within a 60-day period."

For more information, visit the official website here - PoundMelter.Net

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