Post Surgery Leg Elevation Pillow Beneficial for Recovery According to Healthy Avenue

Middle Park, Victoria-based Healthy Avenue has recently issued a public advisory on the benefits of using a leg elevation pillow to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by leg-related injuries.

Middle Park, Victoria based Healthy Avenue has recently issued a public advisory on the benefits of using a leg elevation pillow to alleviate post-surgery pain and discomfort caused by leg-related injuries.

Ordinary leg pillows are painfully hard and uncomfortable, especially when someone is recovering from a recent injury or major operation. Opting for a well-sculpted leg rest is crucial to allowing overall mobility yet ensuring that there is enough leg constraint to speed up the healing process, the company says.

Additionally, Grant Williamson from Healthy Avenue explains that a well-made leg elevation pillow helps patients to heal faster, move around easier, and get better sleep. “Our sculpted foam leg rest is made from quality materials to ensure that it will both hold up to frequent use and keep its original shape. It also comes with a machine-washable bamboo cover to protect the foam from dirt and wear, as well as to keep it hygienically clean. Moreover, it is lightweight, easy to use, and provides ample leg space and resistance to help patients speed up their recovery process,” Williamson said.

According to the company’s Amazon web page, their leg elevation pillow is made from imported quality materials (60% polyester and 40% bamboo) and is sculpted with a 45-degree channel for maximum knee support. It also provides optimized firmness and enhanced weight reinforcement and is suitable for people between 5’ to 6’5”.

Physiology experts recommend using elevated leg pillows to alleviate pressure on sensitive parts of the body, improve blood circulation, relax tense muscles, and improve the overall quality of sleep. They also advise choosing pillows that are made from dense memory foam to provide a sturdy and long-lasting support. In cases concerning leg injuries, a well-sculpted foam leg rest, that is designed to support not only the leg but the knee as well, is considered the most suitable. Furthermore, they recommend choosing a lightweight and easy to carry pillow for improved mobility.

Generally, elevating the leg is a simple yet effective way to manage a variety of leg and knee problems. It helps to relieve swelling, decrease pressure, reduce edema, and even reduce pain. While using a normal pillow or a rolled towel provides some kind of relief, it is still very important to use the proper type of leg elevation pillow to better support bones, muscles, tissues, and ligaments as well.

Healthy Avenue’s post surgery pillow receives a lot of positive reviews from a number of satisfied buyers on Amazon. Most of them found that the product significantly helped them in managing pain and discomfort after having their leg and knee surgeries.

Victoria D., a satisfied customer, said, “I have been struggling with knee issues for a few years now, and before heading into my third operation, I decided to buy a Healthy Avenue pillow to primarily help me with leg elevation and the constant icing I would need after the operation. I was a little hesitant before I purchased it, but it has proven me wrong to ever doubt it. The pillow was very comfortable, easy to sleep with, and light enough that I can move it easily from the bed to the couch. Moreover, my order arrived in no time and the foam was well wrapped. I am so happy that I’ve found the perfect product.”

“Two weeks after my third ACL surgery on my left knee, the team’s physiologist recommended using a sculptured foam leg rest to assist with the recovery, in addition to keeping my leg stable and elevated while sleeping. My knee rehabilitation is progressing much quicker this time compared to my previous surgeries, and the Healthy Avenue leg rest is easily the most comfortable and supportive product that I have ever used. Hopefully, I won’t have to go through another injury again, but the foam leg rest has kept its shape perfectly, and the machine washable cover allows me to keep it very clean. I highly recommend the product,” says Matthew Dwyer in an Amazon review.

Those who are looking for a high quality wedge pillow may check out Healthy Avenue’s store on Amazon. More information can be found there regarding the item’s price, features, and technical specifications. Furthermore, their sales associates are prompt in responding to customer comments and inquiries about the product.


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