Post Chemo Nutrition Offers Nutritional Support Specifically Designed For Cancer Survivors

For cancer survivors, another battle that lies ahead after finishing with Radiation or Chemotherapy is, not so much on barely getting through life as a cancer survivor, but more about being able to truly live life as a “Cancer Thriver”.

Knowing that no nutritional products existed to help the unfortunate few who continued to suffer after going through Radiation or Chemotherapy, Post Chemo Nutrition was formed to help those that continue to suffer long after treatments. The Post Chemo Nutrition Line was formulated 100% for Cancer Survivors that want to become “Cancer Thrivers”.

Post Chemo Nutrition is formulated from scientific studies, research, and experience designed to aid in the top 5 factors that have been found to help turn cancer survivors into “Cancer Thrivers”!: Inflammation, Free Radical Damage (ROS), Mitochondrial Deficiencies, Detoxification and Prevention.

Dr. Dylan Foster, DC, PScD, CFMP, ONC, the founder of PCN, is a Chiropractic Physician, Doctor of Pastoral Medicine, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Oncology Counselor. With over 23 years of being in practice, gaining enormous experience, spending thousands of hours in post-doctoral trainings and additional certifications, he found that there were an enormous amount of his patients that had gone through Radiation or Chemotherapy, all to be left to fend and figure things out on their own. Realizing they were not alone, he decided to do something about it and thus the formation of Post Chemo Nutrition was developed.

By properly addressing the above mentioned 5 factors, Dr. Foster has found he has been able to make a huge difference in his patients, clients and customers get back on track and start feeling good again. This is achieved by using just two products.

Cell Revive™ - a complete kit with a large array of nutrients that is easy to take because they are contained in a simple once a day AM and PM packet.
Bindatox™ - A large spectrum, heavy duty detox product that contains many nutrients designed to assist with: Attracting, Binding and then Removing Heavy Metals, Environmental Pollutants, Radiation, and Chemotherapy Chemicals from within the body and cells.

"We provide customized nutrition for cancer survivors. I have spent 1000's of hours, decades of training, experience, sacrifice and research helping my patients and Cancer Survivors find the best array of nutrients needed to help them get better and turn from Cancer Survivors into cancer thrivers! says Dr. Foster.

The Post Chemo Nutrition Line is here to help the Cancer Survivors that are continuing to suffer from both physical and mental issues that can remain for years due to the unwanted effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy. The customized nutrition plan is the first step cancer survivors can take towards rebuilding life after winning their battle against cancer.

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