Possibilities Unlimited Offers Professional and Personal Coaching Sessions and Courses By Phone

Entrepreneur and “consultant of choice” offers busy entrepreneurs comprehensive phone coaching sessions targeting all aspects of business and personal success.

Possibilities Unlimited, a business coaching firm, is offering busy entrepreneurs and professionals a flexible and effective way to gain better results in their lives and their businesses. The firm offers individualized coaching sessions as well as a series of unique courses targeting the most important aspects of success. All options are available via one-hour phone sessions led by the firm’s professional coaching staff.

Possibilities Unlimited was founded by its CEO Ralph White, who brings a lifetime of business experience and knowledge to his clients. Ralph’s driving philosophy is that ideas become reality, and that has driven him through decades of entrepreneurial success and business management.

Through Possibilities Unlimited, Ralph White has become the consultant of choice for over 5,000 executives, sales managers and entrepreneurs, providing them with valuable lessons on how to reinvent themselves and achieve their goals. To facilitate his ability to create breakthrough results, he has assembled a coaching staff with expertise on all aspects of success to support an integrated approach to improvement and excellence, and makes them accessible globally through convenient 45 minute coaching sessions.

For individualized attention with a comprehensive approach, business professionals are able to work one-on-one with Ralph White on a schedule customized to suit the individual’s needs and designed to provide support in accomplishing individual goals. Additionally, Possibilities Unlimited offers five different courses scheduled at various times. The courses include:

● Sales2Win, a course that breaks the sales process into key training objectives that boost understanding of how sales occur and how to make them happen.
● Profit2Win, an 8-session course that helps analyze all of the business aspects that impact profit and then helps to manage for efficiencies and cost reductions, as well as to craft an action plan for results.
● Manage2Win, an 8-session course that provides the tools needed to be fully present to the task at hand and improve results in creativity and productivity.
● WholeLife Matrix, a 2-week per month, invitation only course designed to cover the life areas that bring happiness, success, meaningful relationships and spiritual awareness.
● 12 Steps to Success in Business Life, a course built on Ralph’s book of the same name that outlines how starting with intentions can lead to desired happiness and success. 12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife is available in hardback or Kindle on Amazon.com or via the firm’s website, PossibilitiesUnlimited.com

All courses are offered throughout the year and are designed to help in the areas of business and life that offer the greatest challenges, as well as the greatest opportunities for rewards.

About the company
Possibilities Unlimited Inc. is a business coaching firm that believes in an integrated approach to business and life. We believe that business should enrich life, and that professionals who have lost touch with why they went into business in the first place can be shown how to create new possibilities for their business and rekindle their entrepreneurial spirit.

Contact Info:
Name: Ralph White
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Organization: Possibilities Unlimited Inc.
Address: Redondo Beach, California
Phone: 310-372-8538
Website: https://possibilitiesunlimited.com/

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