Portmans Releases New Summer Lookbook For Fashion Inspiration

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One of Australia's leading fashion brands releases a new lookbook this holiday season, with a focus on red hues and other festive-themed fashion ideas.

The holiday season is in full swing, and many Australians are frantically trying to figure out what to wear over this celebratory period. After a troubling year, things are looking up, and lots of families and friends are keen to end 2020 with a big party. Portmans has recognised the need to give people a little extra inspiration for the ultimate festive outfits. As a result, the company has released a new festive-themed lookbook focused on the colour red.

Trending Red
This new lookbook is called Trending Red and it's a collection of outfit ideas for the holidays. Red is the main underlying theme, with the central pieces of each outfit featuring least one item of red clothing. Portmans wanted to create something that displayed all the different ways you can dress over the festive period. As such, there are outfit ideas for more professional looks, evening wear, parties and summer relaxation.

The Trending Red lookbook by Portmans is a chance to showcase how versatile red is over the holidays. It's very much a Christmassy colour, which is why many of the outfits are ideal for Christmas parties or gatherings. Still, the lookbook also shows customers that red can be paired with other colours and still create a very festive theme.

Convenient outfit inspiration
Portmans is known throughout Australia and New Zealand as a very trendy and updated brand. As such, the lookbook demonstrates the company's ability to produce trendy outfits for the modern woman. Aside from providing a convenient source of inspiration, the new lookbook will serve as a way for customers to easily recreate the looks.

Under each outfit, there's the option to 'Shop The Look,' letting users see all the individual elements of that outfit. The products are lined up and can be bought straight away, making it so simple for someone to take inspiration and copy the look. Portmans hopes that this will save people a lot of time when shopping for holiday outfits this summer.

About Portmans
Portmans was established in the 1940s and has its roots firmly set in Melbourne. The business started off small, offering excellent style options for women in the city. After enjoying some impressive success, the brand grew and branched out across Australia. Nowadays, Portmans has even ventured into New Zealand, with over 90 shops across both countries. The brand focuses on chic fashion for the modern woman, empowering girls to feel confident no matter what they wear. Portmans is also keen to support rising talent, having recruited many top female models - such as Georgia Fowler and Alison Brahe - giving them a platform to reach the top of their game.

For additional information on Portmans and the Trending Red lookbook, please view the website here: https://www.portmans.com.au/shop/en/portmans.

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