Portable Hot Tubs Minneapolis, Swim Spas Dealer Supports Healthy Aging Month

Minneapolis Portable Hot Tub and Swim Dealer Shares Tips for Healthy Aging, Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Minneapolis Residents.

Hot Spring Spas of Minneapolis, a hot tub and swim spa dealer selling new and used hot tubs, portable spas, swim spas and saunas shares “3 Tips for Healthy Aging.”

Randall Long of Hot Spring Spas of Minneapolis says, “September is healthy aging month, a time to really learn about ways to keep bodies in good shape in order to enjoy the later years of life.”

Here are three tips for healthy aging.

Soak Away Pains with a Minneapolis Portable Hot Tub – Hot tubs are close to magical, and hydrotherapy has been practiced since ancient times. Soaking in hot water provides buoyancy which relieves pressure from joints, muscles and tendons, helping people feel great instantly. Add the soothing relief of heat, and powerful massaging jets, and the combination becomes therapeutic.

A recent study by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research showed that cardiac patients soaking in the temperature controlled water of a hot tub experienced lower blood pressure levels and lower heart rates. Studies have also shown how soaking in a portable spa helps reduce stress levels. Dr. Philip Hooper from the McKee Medical Center states that 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week can lower blood sugar levels in people with Type II diabetes.

Stay Hydrated while Moving – It’s a well known fact that drinking at least 8 cups of water per day is healthy. However, many people do not realize how important it is to stay hydrated during exercise. This is even more important for seniors. As people age, there is an increased risk of dehydration even when not exercising. While the average body is composed of nearly 60 percent water, with age that percentage drops significantly, causing physical issues.

Once seniors engage in physical activity to increase strength, levels can drop even more. Older people need to be diligent in drinking enough water to counteract these decreases. A good rule of thumb for everyone is to drink one cup of water for every fifteen minutes of exercise. As people age, that amount should be increased to 10 to 12 ounces every fifteen minutes.

Move Without Standing – Seniors and people of all ages can have balance issues, Osteoarthritis and other conditions, which often make it difficult to walk long distances or engage in exercise.

When standing for long periods of time, or if balance is an issue, pull up a chair. There are many exercises that can help people with limited mobility exercise using a chair that can improve muscle tone and cardiac capacity through healthy movement.

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