Popular Oly and Max comic series aims to fight alcoholism and addiction with profits of new NFT collection on May 1

Popular Oly and Max comic series aims to fight alcoholism and addiction with profits of new NFT collection on May 1

The NFT space is shaking up the digital world now more than ever. On May 1, the highly anticipated comic series entitled Oly and Max will release its 3,000 clues embedded images from the comic that tells their adventures and travels around the world. Aside from the chance to solely own each image, you can make a difference beyond the NFT space.

Oly and Max comic series tells the story of modern-day teenagers and the rest of their friends whom they meet along the way - Luna, Simon, and Leo. All of them are just also trying to navigate life, hang out on hanging trees, and eat the best tacos they can find in the 20th century.

Adulting, as they say, or trying to navigate life, in general, is challenging, and about 20 million Americans suffer from addiction and substance use to cope with negative experiences in life or emotions. Dennis Berry, who is the founder of the Oly and Max comic series, is not only an NFT-enthusiast but a licensed life coach with over 20 years of specialization in addiction recovery.

A portion of the profits the team will be getting from the Oly and Max comic series launch on May 1 will go directly to www.Drugfree.org and Partnership to End Addiction Organization. These chosen organizations are passionate and effective in helping people suffering from drug abuse or any form of addiction.

Oly and Max’s characters and the rest of the crew represent real-life teenagers who are going through the motions of life. If you’re someone who loves to read comics and enjoy art, you can make a difference by buying from the 5555 unique images from the collection. Keep in mind for every unique image you’re purchasing, you are helping us make the world a better place. About 20 million Americans are suffering from alcoholism and addiction, we want to help them, and we need your collaboration as well. Together, we can help them as your love for Oly and Max's stories grow!

The official 1st drop of the first 60 Oly and Max Scenes ever made is on May 1, 2022! Visit https://opensea.io/collection/oly-and-max-season-1 to purchase from the collection.

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