Popular Forex Software Remote Trade Copier is now Signal Magician and Greatly Enhanced With New Features

The Remote Trade Copier is one of the most popular addon software that forex traders use to build forex trading businesses and now the software has been given a major tune-up.

The popular Remote Trade Copier software that allows forex traders to copy trades between MetaTrader 4 accounts has a new name: Signal Magician. The change brings with it a new website, www.signalmagician.com, as well as new video tutorials and information for new users. Furthermore, Signal Magician includes new optimization tweaks that provide faster performance as well as some new features to make the software even more appealing.
Remote Trade Copier is one of the most popular addons that forex traders use in their daily work. The new brand name for the software is Signal Magician, because that better reflects the signal-oriented nature of the software. The new features and speed improvements mean that while it still retains all of the functionality that made it so popular as Remote Trade Copier, Signal Magician now also has new offerings for people who want to coach forex or sell signals, just like on www.vavatrade.com.
Forex is one of the largest forms of financial investment and trading, with participants all over the world. Market agents include everyone from private individuals all the way up to huge multinational corporations, banks, and sovereign governments. While the big players are often in the market to protect themselves from sudden changes in interest rates or to manipulate the price of a certain currency, the private investors are trying to make money.
Because the forex market is so complex and difficult to game, many people have begun trying to develop systems of signals. Signals are patterns in the movements of a currency pair that are meant to foretell whether the price is going to move up or down in the near future. Signals are a form of what is known in finance as technical analysis, and finding signals involves examining the charts of price movements to discern patterns.
The market for signals has become a business of its own. A signal seller is someone who has found a useful signal or set of signals and has devised a trading strategy that takes advantage of those signals to make money. The signal seller then offers the information contained in that strategy to customers for a fee. The seller collects the fee and continues to execute the strategy to make money on their own, and the customer can also execute the strategy.
The nature of the forex market is that trades and price movements happen fast- a few seconds makes a big difference in the outcome of a contract. That makes it difficult for signal sellers and their customers to coordinate- it is often difficult to explain the nature of a complex signal so that another person can take advantage of it, and it is even harder to provide real-time trade advice because of how quickly the market moves.
Signal Magician is a way to ameliorate that problem. The way it works is that it allows an MT4 forex account to mirror the trades of a different account, and this process is completely automated. That way, instead of the signal provider having to explain their strategy or guide the customer in real time, they can simply set up Signal Magician and link their account to the customer's account.
Signal Magician's new functions also include a plugin that allows remote monitoring of the entire linked network or trading accounts. This permits both administrators and customers to receive email notifications in case the master account or customer account goes offline.
Signal Magician's toolkit is a way for traders to create their own signal networks without needing to spend a large amount of time and money trying to customize their own solution to remote trade sharing. The signal market is difficult to enter because it requires significant upfront costs, and Signal Magician removes those barriers. That means it is much easier for an individual to create their own side business based on selling signals and a trading strategy to clients. This generates passive income on top of the profits from trading. Creating and managing a signal selling side business is far easier with Signal Magician.
That is not the only forex-related job that becomes easier with Signal Magician. Forex coaching also involves trade sharing to show students information about trading, strategy, and signal: it is simply a different kind of relationship between the buyer and seller of forex knowledge. Forex coaches can use Signal Magician to link their accounts with students' accounts for demonstration purposes.
The basic principles behind selling forex signals can be difficult to grasp for newcomers, but the Book "How to start your own Forex signal service" by Rimantas Petrauskas explains them. Rimantas Petrauskas is also the programmer behind Signal Magician, so the concepts in the book are simple to adapt to that software.
Signal Magician is white label. That means it allows customers to add their own branding to the software. Building a brand is a critical component of both coaching and selling signal directly, and software like Signal Magician helps signal sellers and forex traders expand their businesses and personal brands. Signal Magician does not redirect customers to an external website or recommend alternative signal sellers- the person who purchases a Signal Magician license has complete control of their signal network.
Remote Trade Copier has been replaced by Signal Magician. Signal Magician retains all of the features and interface of Remote Trade Copier and adds speed improvements and quality-of-life improvements for people who want to use the software to manage signal networks. To learn more about Signal Magician, visit www.signalmagician.com to sign up for a free 2-week video training series. The training provides all the important information to use the software and explore its features. Signal Magician is geared to provide forex traders with the tools to create a signal sales network as a side business.

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