Pop Singer Ryan Zamo Resurrects Cyndi Laupers’ 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'

It was a worldwide smash hit in 1984, and now Ryan Zamo is bringing it back, hoping to parallel the same success as the original recording.

2014 was quite a year for the 25-year-old pop sensation, finishing off at #7 on the billboard top selling singles chart, with his song “Nothing Remains”. Now, 2015 looks to be even more explosive for the pop star.

With his fourth album dropping in March, and his second radio single from it being released later this month, Ryan Zamo has began to dominate the charts and show that he’s not a one-hit-wonder. His album in late 2013 gave him instant leverage into the spotlight, being called “the next Justin Timberlake”; his singles peaked at #38 on the billboard charts.

The pop star also turned into a skincare mogul in 2014, launching his very own skincare and haircare company “Z Skin Cosmetics”. The company uses 100% organic ingredients and has quickly spread worldwide, catching international headlines for his products; a safer, more effective alternative to chemical face peels, his extraordinary hair products and his organic eye cream that instantly reduces dark bags and circles. Creating the products himself, and pricing everything under $17, and the results have won him multiple awards around the world.

With the success of his past singles, it looks like his upcoming hits will do just as well, if not better. Just leaked is his remake of the 1984 chart topping hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, staying with the feel of his first and third albums, the song is an upbeat dance version called “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”. Highlighting the same hit chorus, the song brings a contemporary soul to the original track, bringing modern day parties into the mix.

Remaking the hit song by Cyndi Lauper isn’t the only throwback the singer is adding to his new album, Zamo is currently in the works to remake yet another hit song from that year; Brian Adams “Summer Of ‘69”. The new title, like “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”, is only a slight change, rumored to be named “Summer Of ‘09”. The song will be featured in modern day, excluding lyrics that out-date the new song, such as “I spent my nights at the drive in”.

With his hit singles “TrySexuality”, “Stand Up”, “Loud And Proud” and “Nothing Remains”, it looks like the talented young singer is here to stay for 2015. After reaching #7 on the billboard charts, Z Skin Cosmetics becoming the #1 preferred organic skincare brand and working on a new album, 2014 ended on a high note for the international pop star.

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