Pollock Technique Circumcision for All Ages Now Available in Melbourne

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GentleProceduresMelbourne.com.au is first clinic in Victoria to offer virtually pain-free Pollock Technique circumcision for babies, boys and men of all ages

The Pollock Technique provides for a relatively quick and pain-free circumcision procedure in the Melbourne locations of Gentle Procedures Clinic. No hospital visit is necessary - even adult procedures are performed under local anaesthetic with a short visit to the clinic for the procedure, as well as a later follow up appointment.

Gentle Procedures Clinic is pleased to be the first and only provider of Pollock Technique circumcision in Victoria.

“Delivering the highest standard of patient care is our priority” stated Dr. Hossain Islam. “Our entire process can be reviewed online at gentleproceduresmelbourne.com.au and patients can set up their appointment on our website or by phone. We make it easy to have the procedure scheduled, and provide a virtually pain-free technique which minimizes downtime and healing time for patients. Anyone interested in the services we offer, or who are ready to set up an appointment can visit our website to learn more.”

“Our clinic is the first one to offer the Pollock circumcision technique in Victoria and in Melbourne,” continued Dr. Islam. “With this method, we can provide patients with a fast and virtually pain-free circumcision procedure, which makes it ideal for infants, boys, teens and adult men of any age. We use an approach that is much faster than conventional methods used by hospitals and that offers better cosmetic results.”

Men interested in learning more about the circumcision techniques used for adult circumcision can visit the Gentle Procedures Melbourne website at https://gentleproceduresmelbourne.com.au. Men of all ages can have a virtually pain-free procedure completed without having to go to the hospital or have more than local anaesthesia.

The Pollock Technique is also preferred for infant circumcision due to its multiple pain suppression methods that mean that some babies even sleep through the procedure.


The Gentle Procedures Clinic in Melbourne is a dedicated provider of the Pollock Technique for circumcision. There are two clinics in the Melbourne area serving clients from throughout the state. Anyone interested in the procedure can contact the staff by phone, or fill out the quick contact form online to have someone contact them. The mission of the clinic is to ensure the highest international standards are upheld regarding male surgical care. Additionally, the doctors and staff will always treat patients with respect, dignity, and compassion, helping them achieve the circumcision results they desire.

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Name: Dr. Hossain Islam
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Organization: Gentle Procedures Melbourne
Phone: (03) 8794 7273
Website: https://gentleproceduresmelbourne.com.au

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Name: Dr. Hossain Islam
Email: Send Email
Organization: Gentle Procedures Melbourne