PolarityGear is the World’s Best One-Handed Paper Towel Holder

Live on Kickstarter, PolarityGear utilizes high-tech magnetic discs which provide intermittent resistance to help rip sheets of paper.

PolarityGear, the all new one-handed paper towel holder using high-tech magnetic discs to help rip sheets of paper, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It is currently 50% funded with less than 45 days to go.

PolarityGear is a revolutionary new product utilizing the power of magnetics to create a truly functional paper towel holder, simply better than all others. Unlike competing products, PolarityGear works every time whether the roll is full or near empty.

“This is a product people use every day; it should be a good experience,” says founder and CEO William Holden on the inspiration behind the project. “We’ve been developing paper towel holders for more than 20 years and patented the first to support the roll from inside the tube. Before that, paper towel rolls wobbled around a rod or were held by end caps.”

The product’s high-tech magnetic discs have "detents" of north and south poles around the edges and when the discs are side-by-side they create an intermittent torque resistance, or “PolarityGear”. Because brands and ply dictate the force required to rip paper, PolarityGear has an innovative undulating helix mechanism to adjust the strength of the resistive force.

The current Kickstarter is offering a vertical enameled cast iron counter-top model as well as a stainless magnetic mounted model for the side of a fridge to conserve counter-top space. The magnetically mounted model uses ultra high strength magnets with focused north and south poles. The magnets have silicone covers to prevent marking-up the fridge surface.

Compared to leading products on the market, PolarityGear is made with higher quality components, works better without the noise, and has an adjustment mechanism. The Kickstarter campaign page showcases an exact comparison.

PolarityGear is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/294027997/polaritygear-best-one-handed-paper-towel-holders


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