PNR Status Tool Launches To Help People Check Their PNR Status Quickly And Freely Online

PNR Status Tool is a new online software that allows people to check the status of their ticket bookings for Indian railways, regardless of where they bought their ticket from.

The Indian railway system is massively oversubscribed, because it is the only way for most people to travel long distances effectively and affordably. This means that checking the Passenger Name Record is an essential part of any travel preparation, as many more people have tickets than there are spaces on a given train. However, many PNR services will only allow people to check tickets if they were bought from that provider. PNR Status Tool is the first universal checking tool that allows people to check the status of tickets bought from any source.

The website is simple and easy to use, requiring people to simply enter their PNR number into the box at the top of the site and hit “check”. The website has a full breakdown of all the definitions and acronyms for every possible response, so people will be able to easily assess what their PNR report means. The website will also advise people as to the next steps they can take.

The site is designed to be easy to use and accessible, and offers numerous ‘how to’ guides to common train ticket challenges, including altering bookings, checking seat availability, cancelling tickets, getting tatkal tickets and more.

A spokesperson for PNRStatusTool explained, “We wanted to provide a straightforward, universal solution to a common problem faced by most people in India at some point or another. The PNR status tool allows people who have booked their tickets from anywhere to see how their reservation is being treated within the Indian railway system. It is faster than most of the private services on busy ticket websites, and has live updates, so people can check their PNR several times before they commit to heading to the train station.”

About PNR Status Tool: PNR Status Tool is a new online tool enabling people in India to check the PNR status of their booking as many times as they want, free of charge. The tool is easy to use, and offers a full jargon-busting set of terms and definitions so individuals can keep track of their status, and take appropriate action quickly and easily.

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