Plowz and Mowz Announces On Demand Mowing and Snow Plowing Services App Now Available

Plowz and Mowz reports consumers love having easy access to on-demand lawn mowing and snow plowing services.

According to Cornell University, mowing one's lawn to a height of three inches prevents weed growth, as the grass is better able to develop a strong root system. When one chooses to keep their grass at this height, the lawn must be mowed every five to fifteen days, depending on the rate of growth. Many opt to turn to Plowz and Mowz ( for assistance with this standard household task.

Consumers love the on-demand lawn mowing service as it's like having a remote control for one's lawn. Consumers know they will receive a quality job as only top rated professionals are found on the service, and the customer obtains peace of mind when they receive a photo confirmation of the completed job. Customers appreciate the flexibility of the service, choosing the day the lawn is to be mowed, and every job comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

"Don't sweat in the summer sun or cut a vacation short due to worry of an overgrown lawn. With the help of the online service and the apps available on Google Play or the iPhone App Store, customers schedule a lawn service any time they wish, knowing the lawn will look great when they return home," Mahoney promises.

According to, Manlius, New York receives, on average, 97.34 inches of snow each year, leading to the need for one's driveway to be plowed on a regular basis. Some homeowners choose to handle this task on their own, yet others wish to have a service come out and do the work for them. Plowz and Mowz offers this service for those who don't want to spend a good portion of their time shoveling.

"As with the Plowz and Mowz on-demand lawn mowing service, clients schedule a plow at their convenience and receive a photo confirmation when the job is done. Clients know exactly how much they will be required to pay as the service comes with no hidden fees and this basic wintertime chore becomes much easier to manage. Don't hesitate to contact the company today. Plowz and Mowz bills the customer's credit card when the job is done, rather than sending an invoice, and tips are never a concern," Mahoney explains.

All customers enjoy concierge support around the clock, with each customer being assigned a dedicated Plowz/Mowz representative so they know who to turn to for special requests. All jobs come with real-time updates and photo confirmation when the job is done, and each client customizes the order to ensure his or her particular needs are met.

"Don't relay on a service only to find they didn't do the job right and the money is non-refundable. With Plows and Mowz, this will never be an issue. Try the Plowz and Mowz App today to see how it makes scheduling on-demand lawn mowing and on-demand snow plowing easy. You'll never want to mow your lawn or shovel your driveway again," Mahoney declares.

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