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Jennifer Schaaf of states surgery only takes 1-3 hours and recovery time of 2-3 weeks.

In 2013, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Americans opted to undergo 1,561,307 cosmetic procedures, with 204,032 procedures taking place on men. Men chose rhinoplasty over all other cosmetic procedures, electing to have this surgery 57,381 times while they chose a facelift 12,699 times. Any male or female looking to improve their appearance need look no further than Plastic Surgery Cleveland Ohio ( for assistance.

"Plastic surgery offers both emotional and psychological benefits as they allow the patient to achieve the desired look. Doing so improves both the confidence and the self-esteem of the person. In the past, many looked negatively on cosmetic surgery, believing it was reserved for the rich and famous, yet average Americans now choose to make use of cosmetic surgery on a regular basis, with more and more men choosing this option. In fact, of rhinoplasty ( procedures completed in the United States, more than 25 percent are performed on men," Jennifer Schaaf of Plastic Surgery Cleveland Ohio states.

Due to the central location of the nose on the face, people tend to notice it first, often before a person's smile or eye color. Although some choose to undergo rhinoplasty to correct a nasal defect they were born with, many choose to have the surgery just to improve the appearance. They may not like the way their nose looks or it may have been injured at some point in their life, leaving them unhappy with the way it now appears.

"No matter why one chooses to have their nose worked on, the surgery takes little time, usually between one and three hours. Depending on the work to be done, the doctor chooses between local and general anesthesia, and incisions occur within the nose to minimize scarring. The doctor reshapes the nose, adding tissue or removing cartilage and bone, and then replaces the skin before adding a splint to minimize swelling and retain the bone's new shape during the healing process. The procedure helps to reduce breathing difficulties and/or improve the appearance of this facial feature," Schaaf explains.

Others prefer to have a facelift (, men included. Of the 133,320 facelifts performed in America in 2013, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports almost 10 percent were on men. Facelifts come in many different types, depending on which aspects of the face the person would like to have corrected. For example, a mid facelift improves the appearance of bags under the eyes, prominent folds of the nose, and hollow upper cheeks. In contrast, a mini facelift minimizes sagging of the jaw line, cheeks and neck.

"With many options to select from, patients find they no longer need to undergo extensive work that is not needed. Recovery takes very little time, and one may return to work in as little as two weeks. Cosmetic procedures continue to improve, and individuals need to take a second look at their options. Life is short, therefore one should never live with a physical feature they are unhappy with when cosmetic surgery can be of great help," Schaaf proclaims.

Plastic Surgery Cleveland Ohio strives to reduce the mystery surrounding common cosmetic procedures. Whether one wishes to learn more about the benefits of cosmetic surgery, the various types of procedures, or the cost associated with plastic surgery, Plastic Surgery Cleveland Ohio provides the answer. The site offers information on what various procedures entail and more as consumers need facts to make an informed decision as to whether a certain procedure is appropriate for them.

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